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Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Manufacture Co Ltd was established in 1992. Its registered capital is US$30 million, total assets RMB 0.6 billion, with an annual output of 60,000 and 2,300 employees. The company has four major processes of punching, welding, coating and assembling and complete import dies and modes of the vehicle body. The whole production line which is 7 kilometers long, adopts an automatic operation.


Zx Auto was founded by Toni Finamore in Dubai.

Future models

Zx Auto not have future models now.

Current models

The current models are: FQ 6500 SUV ,Fengling Kz1021s , Hilux kz1020s,Fengrui,Tianma Haise, Cruiser 2400 ,Star Suv, Star Pickup, Zhongxing Seal ,Zhongxing Admiral, Zhongxing Tiger and the Zhongxing Cruiser Rv .

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