Template:List of Westcott ModelsThe Westcott was an automobile produced in Richmond, Indiana and Springfield, Ohio (United States) between 1912 and 1925. The car company was named for its founder, Burton J. Westcott.

The Westcott was advertised as "The Car with the Longer Life". The Westcott was powered by a Continential Engine, and rode at least two wheel bases, 125" and 118". In 1923, the company released a model named The Closure, which was a touring car with hard panels that could be removed from the sides of the car during the summer months.

Burton Westcott is also known as a client of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, who designed a Prairie Style house for the Westcott Family in Springfield, Ohio in 1904. Restoration of the Westcott House began in 2004.

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