Volkswagen Milano Taxi EV Concept
aka Type aka here, not up there
Introduction 2010 Hanover Trade Show
Class Concept Car
Body Style 3 Doors+3 Seats+Van
Length 3.73 metres long
Width 1.66 metres wide
Height 1.60 metres tall
Wheelbase Unknown
Weight 3306 lb (1500 kg)
Transmission No Transmission And Unknown
Engine Electric Motors
Battery {{{Battery}}}
Electric motor {{{Electric motor}}}
Power 85 kW electric motor and a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery
Similar similar (competition)
Designer Walter de Silva

The two-tone paint of the concept car - green and black - is the Volkswagen brand's tribute to the fashion metropolis of Milan. That is where taxis were once painted in precisely this colour combination. A beautiful tradition and an example of how this concept can be visually adapted to the specific taxi look of any metropolis on the globe. Until then, it must be said that the Milano Taxi is still purely a concept vehicle. However, its styling that bears similarities to the legendary Volkswagen Samba bus, its emissions-free drive system and the very tangible, practical benefits of a compact space wonder could very quickly make it a highly coveted vehicle in cities like Milan, Berlin, New York, Beijing, Cape Town, London, Moscow or Tokyo. The exterior: "One door less is all the more for a taxi," is what Walter de Silva, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group, decided, and this had a crucial impact on this vehicle's technical and visual concept even before the first pen stroke was made. And in fact, De Silva is right. The safest way for passengers to enter and exit a taxi in city traffic is on the sidewalk side. And that is why the development crew sent the Milano Taxi on its way with just a single swivel-sliding door that opens far forward (!) on the passenger's side. Thanks to the entirely new development of a mechanism with two-axis kinematics, this door opens wide to offer a broad entrance. The swivel-sliding door also extends well into the roof, so it also offers an enormous opening in terms of height. Apropos: The Milano Taxi is 1.60 metres tall, 3.73 metres long – or more accurately short, and 1.66 metres wide.

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Unique Attributes[]

The styling draws heavily on the Space Up! Blue concept that debuted at the 2007 LA Auto Show. One big difference, however, is that VW designers have eliminated the rear door on the driver's side so that passengers can only get in and out at the curb. The curb-side portal has likewise been expanded with a large forward-sliding door and the front passenger seat has given way to luggage space. The Milano Taxi concept also features a similar touch screen monitor setup to those already being used in New York city cabs. Similar in style to the Volkswagen Samba Bus of the 1950s, the outer roof areas are designed to be transparent (as part of the doors in front and at the right rear). This unmistakable design characteristic of the brand – together with a panoramic glass roof - creates a bright and friendly interior ambiance. In addition, passengers aboard the taxi will appreciate the added viewing perspective of the city's architecture. Also designed in a translucent material is the taxi sign mounted over the glass roof; the taxi lettering lights green when the taxi is available and red when it is not, and it is unlit whenever the car and driver are taking a break. Form and function on the Milano Taxi – designed by Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand, and his team – engage in an interplay that benefits the vehicle. That is because every detail follows the goal of realising a taxi concept that is as appealing as it is practical in everyday use. For example, the lateral surfaces and the rear of the car body rise steeply upward; not only is this stylistic characteristic reminiscent of the first generation of VW buses; it also creates even more space in the interior.


The Strange Color Scheme But Its Forgiven Because It's A Taxi


The Prototype Was Intended For Production In 2013 However It Wasn't Produced For Unknown Reasons


This Car Never Appeared In Any Movies Or Video Games


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