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Volkswagen BKC
Manufacturer Volkswagen
aka Type aka here, not up there
Type Diesel
Production/Introduction produced/introduced from when to when
Status Note if it is "In Production", "In Development", a "Concept Only", "Stillborn" or "Discontinued"
Displacement 1896 cc
Aspiration Turbocharged
Configuration In-line 8 valve SOHC
Cylinders 4
Fuel System Direct mechanical injection
Lubrification indicate the engine's type of lubrification
Output 77 kW @ 4000 rpm
250 Nm of torque @ 1900 rpm
Bore in inches
Stroke in inches
Compression 19:1
In. Valves in inches
Ex. Valves in inches
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Left Bank Write which cylinders are in this bank (write N/A if it it is inline)
Right Bank (same as above)
Length in inches
Diameter in inches
Width in inches
Height in inches
Dry Weight lbs. / kg.
Fuel Consumption city/highway (mpg & km/L)
Emission/s CO: g/km
CO2: g/km
NOx: g/km
Hydrocarbon: g/km
Particulate: g/km
Chief Engineer write here

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Design quirks and oddities[]

As well as other TDI Pumpe Duse engines of Volkswagen group, this engine has got too narrow camshaft lobes which operate intake and exhaust valves. Due to reduced lobe width (in order to accomodate additional lobes, operating unit-injectors, which use roller style rockers) and the same valve spring pressure as in pre-PD Volkswagen engines the lobes operating flat-tappet buckets are exposed to higher pressures per square inch. As a result of that, premature bucket and valve lobe wear might occur, especially if wrong oil was used. Some people report having suffered from the premature valve lobe wear in vehicles on Volkswagen's Long-Life service schedule programe, even when correct oil was used.


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