Template:List of Sylva ModelsSylva Autokits is a kit car manufacturer based in Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, England. Sylva was founded in 1981 by Jeremy Phillips and has developed and produced a number of small and lightweight sports cars. Sylva cars have proven very successful in competition, winning a number of 750 Motor Club Kit Car championships.

Sylva has sold many of its older designs to other kit car manufacturers, such as selling the Fury to Fisher Sportscars, the Stylus to Specialist Sports Cars, and the Striker to Raw Engineering. By doing so, Jeremy Phillips and Sylva have been able to focus on newer designs and ideas, such as the current Sylva Mojo 2 and R1ot.

Models Edit

Star Edit

The first Sylva car launched in 1982.

Leader Edit

Striker Edit

The Sylva Striker was an evolution of the Star and Leader. It is similar in design and appearance to the Lotus Seven. The Car is available in kit form and can be built from a variety of engines, for example a ford Crossflow, ford Zetec or even a motorcycle engine. These cars have high power to weight ratios and are best enjoyed in the summer. All kit-cars are put though a SVA - single Vehicle approval Scheme in the UK to attain a vehicle licence.

Phoenix Edit

Fury Edit

Launched in 1991 and sold to Fisher Sportscars in 1994.

Stylus Edit

Launched in 1994 and sold to Specialist Sports Cars in 1996.

Jester Edit

Mojo Edit

The Mojo was a new model launched in 2000.

Mojo 2 Edit

Riot Edit

The Riot ia a motor cycle engined version of the Mojo. The orginal version used a Yamaha R1 engine and was called the R1ot.

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