Street Stockers, are production based speedway cars raced in every state in Australia. Mainly old style sedans, cheap to build and maintain. Most competitive series would be the Sydney Street Stocker Championship raced at Parramatta City Raceway.

Various speedway boards under NASR (Australian Speedway National Board) run to their own rules, but all in all the they are similar. For example an ASCF car could run in RSA championship with small modifications. Considered by many experts as the backbone of Australian Speedway, as its low cost racing is easily affordable by many. Large fields are common place.

Some of the core rules are:[1]

  • Sedans only
  • No multiple overhead camshafts and only 2 valves per cylinder
  • Vehicle must be in sound condition with all original panels used.
  • All glass and external mirrors must be removed along with any ornamentation and trim
  • Radiator may be relocated inside the car subject to safety rules
  • Maximum capacity 30 litre fuel tank must be fitted. Factory tank must be removed
  • Suspension modifications allowed. Standard mounts must be used
  • Engine must be no larger than 274 c.i. No V8's or Rotaries
  • No forced induction
  • Internal engine modifications allowed with restrictions
  • One Single or Dual throat Carburettor
  • Wings permitted within limits

List of ASCF national Champions.[2]

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