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Royal Family[]

The Spanish Royal Family has one of the largest fleets of cars in Spain. Various armoured vehicles are used by the family, including Audi A6s, Mercedes-Benz S-Class models and the exclusive Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. Only 18 of the latter were ever built, all being reserved for royals or heads of state. Three were ordered by General Franco for his personal use and are now available for use by the Spanish Royal Family. One is a landaulette and the other two are limousines. A special order was placed on the marriage of the current Prince of Asturias when a Phantom IV was rebuilt to include armoured protection. Modifications included heavy duty air conditioning and a special glazed armoured bubble to protect the rear passengers. The modifications cost over €360,000.

The Spanish Royal Family currently uses mainly Mercedes-Benz S600 models for its official transport, with BMW 5-Series (2007-2008) cars as escort vehicles. The motorcade is composed of around 15 cars. The personal car of the King Juan Carlos I is an especially customised Maybach 57 S.[1]

Spanish Government[]

The Prime Minister of Spain and Deputy Prime Minister of Spain both use Audi vehicles. The premier's Audi A8L was purchased in March 2005 shortly after retiring the former A8 used by PM José María Aznar. The vehicle, which then cost the Spanish government well over 380,000 Euros (aprox. $520,000 USD), is said to be equipped with the latest features, runflats, level B7+ armouring, satellite communications and various special items that are kept secret by the Spanish officials. The fleet has been renovated and now includes various new Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz S600 and A6s.


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