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Spartak is a fandom user who occasionally uses fandom. He is currently active. He may seem innocent on the tip, but not the bottom.

He has an intimidating, racist, and offensive behavior. He's also a simp for the actress Millie Bobby Brown. His chaotic nature almost took down this wiki, we still don't know if this wiki will still be taken down.


Spartak first came as spartak88 and spams his name. Long time without admins active, Drage decided to adopt this wiki. Before that, a guy named Emile Russel 9 came here and pretend to be someone else. Long after we gain "trust" each other, Alex come and spoil many things such as who is Spartak, simpings, etc. That made Spartak mad and a long time after my struggle to become an admin, finally my time has come and banned Spartak.

But that is not the end of the story. He came back with various other usernames. Sometimes he uses footballist, sometimes he use Millie Bobby Brown. Long time after our trust gain with Alex at that time we know Alex as a friend, he started to make weird things. A guy named Velociraptor came by here and search for me, Grimmy (former name of Phrögboyinthealley), CodedCars, and Alex. But strangely, Velociraptor don't use staff account which all staff uses and he uses 3 different accounts, which is Velociraptor77, Velociraptor 888, and Velocriraptor999. This indicates that he is not a staff. At that time, Velociraptor is aftering 3 users, which is Alex, Grime Sausage (Phrögboyinthealley's old username), and Coded Cars. They are aftered with the reason of abusing admin power, which doesn't make any sense. They did nothing to abuse admin power. After this condition is done, this condition cools for a period of time. But after that, he was hacked by Spartak. The sign of it is pretty clear. He bans and unbans people.

He then came back with other account, and I gave the admin power. But shortly after, on one conversation, when Alex ask Clark where he lives, he say that one of his brother lives in America, which doesn't make sense. When Drage asked for whether is he Vick, he accidentally answered "No it's me". I rapidly attacked him to tell us the truth but he insists on, saying that he has two brothers, one live in America, which doesn't make any sense, and he insist of Drage having a misunderstanding but clearly Drage doesn't, I asked clearly for Vick but he say it is a misunderstanding, since when I asked for Vick... all those would be endless if Drage doesn't stop that. Shortly after, he say this wiki is closing and say he is working on a new wiki called the Automobilia. Strangely, only some of Alex's "trusted user" that were invited. Once Drage got there, shortly I went to work. If Alex would meant for real to remake that, some other pages should be did by him. But no, as far as I work there, Alex didn't do anything. There is only two page created by Drage, both of them are the Genesis G90 and the Genesis G80. After doing some Genesis G80 he said that we should stop the work there. But shortly after, he was hacked by Spartak again. I banned him and Alex came back with another account. This time, I gave him another admin rights. But this time, he was caught by Drage for banning some users. But fortunately, Drage stopped him by revoking admins rights and banned him whilst unbanning peoples. He recently came back with another account and say that he is restarting the work of Automobilia. And when Drage asked for whether he did that or not, he answered by saying he was hacked by someone from South Africa, which yet again, another false reason. Since when he was hacked, he still could post something.

The Plot twist

The admin team has pieced proof by proof, and realized he is the same person as ElevenTheDemon. This account was banned after Alex said the account was taken over by Spartak. Alex then came back with the account FelixTheAmerican. It was later we found out that the account was taken over by Spartak too. He revealed himself by saying swear words. After that, Alex came back with AlexTheAnnihilator. He became admin due to the admin team trusting him. He then starts blocking all the admins, fortunately we can unblock ourselves. AlexTheAnnihilator was later banned.

Recently, a new user named TheAussieBoy24 came. And suddenly, a user named SpartakIsRussell harassed him on his message wall. He was undoubtedly Spartak. He was immediately blocked. We knew TheAussieBoy24 was Spartak himself.

Our main admin/bureaucrat 드라지/Edranta HEAT official aka Drage is basically the main detective. He pieced Alex's account username and it always has a "The" on the middle. He also found out Alex’s strange behaviour.

Our admin Phrögboyinthealley also helped Drage.

TheAussieBoy24 basically Spartak himself, realized that Eleven was a character in Stranger Things played by Millie Bobby Brown. Alex's username is ELEVENTheDemon. Which means Spartak is Alex. This theory is confirmed to be true due to Spartak simping that particular actress.

And finally, Darkruler1704 (The one writing this page). I realized that all Alex's username has caps on the first alphabet of each word (E-leven T-he D-emon), so does SpartakIsRussell. Drage thought why Spartak only "hacked" Alex who has less admin power, and not him. Now that we know Alex is Spartak, i assume it' because Spartak can't hack. He simply pretends to be Alex then shows his true colors later on pretending he hacked Alex's account.


There is one particular pattern Spartak uses. It's called "Believe me" pattern.

Spartak will make a proper account and act innocent. Then the other accounts Spartak uses will harass the proper account he made.

This has been the case with Emilie Russel 9, ElevenTheDemon (Alex), and TheAussieBoy24 (Darby).


These are the list of Spartak's characteristics. If you see these on a user, report them to staff immediately.

  1. His IP Address is American. He lives in Westfield, New Jersey
  2. He is a simp, I assume most of you knows who he is simping to, If you don't He simps to Madison Russell/Millie Bobby Brown/Eleven (Strange Things). If a user has any one of these names of Emile, Bobby, Russell, Madison, Millie or Eleven, We must keep an eye on that user
  3. Keep an eye on users with Footballer names
  4. He speaks almost Perfect English, Which is his Quality
  5. He always say Racial Slurs
  6. He's gonna act innocent until someone calls him out, If a user with the above characteristics acts too innocent, Then he's definitely Spartak

Recent Spartak accounts

21st November 2021, Yohan Cabaye

22nd November 2021, Gabriel Obertan

23rd November 2021, Alpha Sissoko