Sacha Lakic (born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) is a French industrial designer living in Paris, France. He is most notable for his work with Venturi, especially with the Venturi Fetish.

When he was one years old, his family migrated from Belgrade to Paris. His father was a fashion designer so from a very young age, he was exposed to design. He found his passion in cars at the age of 8 when he saw a metallic green Ford Mustang on his way to school and felt compelled to draw the car until he could reproduce it perfectly. As a young man in 1985, he entered apprenticeship with Peugeot's interior design department. Within in a year he had joined Alain Carre's design agency. Between 1986 and 1988 he was put in charge of the vehicles design department and he became a big name in the field of motorcycle design.

At the age of 29, he started his own company, Sacha Lakic Design and in 2002 was commissioned by Venturi to design its latest electric supercar, the Fetish.

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