The Royal Danish Ceremonial Car is the official state car of the head of state Queen Margaret II of Denmark.


King Frederik IX of Denmark commissioned the vehicle called "Store Krone" (Great Crown) in 1958.[1] The Store Krone is the flagship of the Danish monarchy’s fleet of cars. It is an imposing Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith seven-seater LGLW 25 body no. 10181 model 1958. LGLW 25 stands for: L: Left hand drive, G: 1958, LW: Long wheelbase (133" instead of 127"). 25 means that it is the 25th car produced in that particular year.[2]

A total of 52 Silver Wraiths were produced in 1958. On 11 April 1958 the guarantee certificate was issued to His Majesty The King of Denmark, The Royal Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark by the seller and supplier Hooper & Co. (Coachbuilder) Ltd. 54 St. James Street, Piccadilly, London S.W.1.[3]


The engine is a 6-cylinder in-line engine of 4,887 ccm with an overhead inlet and side exhaust valves. Rover used the same valve system on its models in the 1950s. Harley Davidson already had pocket-valve engines in the 1920s. Fed by two SU carburettors, unofficially the engine generates approximately 180 HP. according to a test drive of the Silver Wraith carried out by the British automobile magazine, The Autocar. The engine is the biggest in the Silver Wraith models and from 1954 when it was bored out from 4,257 ccm. In 1959 the engine was discontinued from the Rolls-Royce engine programme after 19 years.

The engine utilises a four-speed RR-General Motors Hydramatic transmission. The wheelbase is 337.8 cm, the wheel gauge is 148.6 cm front and 162.6 cm rear, and the length is 528 cm, the width: 183 cm and the height: 178 cm. Own weight is 2,358 kg. The tyres are 6.50 x 17" on 5" rims.

Modern use[]

The car is currently used for the royal family's major official events. It is also used to transport distinguished foreign guests to official events.

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