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Ram (formally Ram Truck Division) is a United States-based manufacturer of light to mid-weight pick-up trucks established in 2009 as a division of Chrysler. It is a subsidiary of Dodge since 2009, borrowing its name from the popular Dodge Ram which is now part of its lineup. [1] According to Chrysler, the new brand will concentrate on "real truck customers," rather than casual truck buyers who buy trucks for image or style.[2]


The Ram brand was created following Chrysler's alliance with Italian automaker Fiat, and future plans have Dodge switching to an exclusively car-based lineup in the near future with all pickup and future heavy-duty trucks by Chrysler being sold under the Ram brand, planned to start in the 2010 calendar year, along with a possible future replacement for the Sprinter derived from the Iveco Daily, by Fiat. The goal is to increase truck sales "from today's 280,000 to 415,000 by 2014".[3]

Executives at Chrysler have stated their intention to compete in the semi-trailer truck category with Ram, a possibility that is aided by Fiat's ownership of Iveco and an already available network of Dodge dealers. Even though the Ram trucks are marketed separately from Dodge cars, Ram President Fred Diaz has stated that "Ram trucks will always and forever be Dodges. Ram will always have the Dodge emblem inside and outside and they will be vinned as a Dodge. We need to continue to market as Ram so Dodge can have a different brand identity: hip, cool, young, energetic. That will not fit the campaign for truck buyers. The two should have distinct themes. ..."[4]

The Ram brand logo features the head of a ram, or uncastrated male sheep.

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