Powertrain Ltd was a British company based in Birmingham which designed, manufactured and marketed car engines and transmissions. It was a subsidiary of Phoenix Venture Holdings and a sister company to MG Rover. Its American headquarters are in Golden, Mississippi.


The company was placed into administration on the 8 April 2005.

On 22 July 2005 the joint administrators PricewaterhouseCoopers announced the sale of the assets of Powertrain and the MG Rover Group to Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation[1].


Their main products were:

  • K-Series 4 cylinder petrol engine
  • KV6 V6 petrol engine
  • L-series turbo diesel engine
  • PG1 gearbox


In addition to supplying engines and transmissions to MG Rover, Powertrain Ltd also supplied engines to other vehicle manufacturers including Land Rover, Lotus, and Caterham.