Porsche 928GTE
aka 928 Gran Turismo Executive
Production 1; experimental concept developed in late 1987 and built in 1988
Class N/A
Body Style 2-door, coupe hatchback
Weight Approximately 2600lbs
Transmission 5-speed close ratio
Engine High-compression V-8, double overhead camshaft per bank, 5.0Litre petrol
Power Well in excess of 360BHP (as measured at 6000' altitude)
Similar to the limited production 928 Club Sport and SE models
Designer Porsche inhouse - Special Projects Development

Built as a one-off prototype in 1988, the Porsche 928GTE (or Gran Turismo Executive as it was later named by the factory as an afterthought) was mechanically based on a Club Sport but fitted with a high-end luxury interior and a 360+ bhp engine. Few people seem to know about this car, but it is well documented. The bodywork was also unique and embodies very aggressive ground effects-style aerodynamic components. This car boasts the highest horsepower engine ever fitted to a 928 by the factory, exceeding even the much later (1992-1995) GTS cars fitted with the larger displacement 5.4L engine which made 345hp at the end of its production run. The exhaust note is unforgettable, and the brakes and handling seem superior to any other 928 model. The close-ratio gearbox seems perfect for roadracing. The closeness of the gear ratios are exaggerated somewhat by the engine's ability to pick up revs very quickly, regardless of load. The paradox is that the car has amazing top speed capability, and indicated speeds well above 300kph under controlled conditions are easily attained. This increase over the other 928 models is probably due to the combination of less weight, higher horsepower and the enhanced aerodynamics of the special factory bodywork. The car is driven very seldom due to its rarity and historical significance, and it is kept just the way it was when originally acquired from the factory. It is obviously impossible to duplicate.

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Unique Attributes

  • All components were made by (or for) Porsche themselves. The bodywork is also unique to this specific car, as are the "928 GTE" and "CLUB SPORT" markings on the rear bumper, which are actually factory-supplied graphics. The distinctive front and rear clips are very different to other 928 models.
  1. C00: No delivery; Germany. Not intended for or built as a customer car.
  2. 018: Sport steering wheel, black leather, red stitching
  3. 139: Seat heating system
  4. 298: Catalyst together with manual transmission
  5. 326: Radio Blaupunkt Berlin IQR 88
  6. 383: Sport seat left, electrical vertically adjustable
  7. 387: Sport seat right, electrical vertically adjustable
  8. 650: Electrical sliding roof
  • As with the Club Sport models, some of the standard S4's features were deleted in order to reduce weight, as was the case with the limited run "SE" cars. Examples include the rear airconditioner hardware, underbonnet soundproofing and the forward-rearward electric seat adjustment motors.

Technical Details

  • Version : 928 S4 Club Sport, GTE (One-off Prototype). GTE was an abbreviation for Gran Turismo Executive; the name was assigned by the factory and the badging seen on the car was produced specifically for it at the factory.
  • Model year : 1988
  • VIN : WP0ZZZ92ZJS841486
  • Engine number : M28/41 81J 00925 (SP). This engine was a unique development for this specific car and is rated well in excess of 360hp.
  • Colour : Indischrot
  • Colour code : L80K
  • Interior : Black leather, with red piping and black/red tennis cloth inserts. This interior is specific to this car.
  • Date of factory roll out : 1988
  • Mileage : +/- 50 000 km


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Only one example of this car was ever built. It is VIN #WP0ZZZ92ZJS841486 and the engine number is M28/41 81J 00925SP (SP=Speziale).

A search of the VIN using 's online VIN decoder reveals this information:

Model year: 1988 Model ID: 928 Engine Code KW HP Liter Cylinders Model M28.41 235 320 5,00 8 928 S4/CS M637

Transmission Code: G28.12

Options found on your vehicle. Option Code Description M650 Electrical sliding roof

The following codes were found, but the description may not be accurate. Option Code Possible Description I383 Vertical seat adjustment, right

I387 Carrera GT bucket seat xt, right

We were not able to find definitions for any codes below this line. I018 I139 I298 I326

Design quirks and oddities

The front and rear bodywork treatments are unique to this specific car, providing a more aggressive look to the more typically more rounded 928s.


This is a unique prototype, intended as a possible evolution of the CS as a "Gentleman's Racer". This evolution would eventually lead to the 928 GT and GTS models, though without the fully adjustable Club Sport suspension, etc. The bodywork (front and rear bumpers, side skirts), side mirrors, the exhaust and the interior are specific and unique to this car only. It was fitted from new with 17" Cup design rims.

As this model was never offered as a customer car, no menu-style options list was ever compiled. It is the only example ever manufactured, yet is 100% factory built. It is not simply a hotrodded 928 from one of the tuner houses such as Kremer. It was probably deemed too edgy and specialized for the American market and, as a result, the GTE would never see production.

There are a multitude of differences between the GTE and its very limited production sibling, the svelte Club Sport (of which just 19 were made), though they share many mechanical features. It does not have much in common with the regular S4, both from a mechanical and cosmetic standpoint. However, it remains easily recognizable as a 928, albeit one on steroids.

The car's performance is quite amazing and not at all comparable with either the S4, CS, SE or GT models. Its output surpasses all other 928s by a substantial margin - easily eclipsing the end-of-run 928GTS, which in itself is no mean feat. The GTE is best summarised as a race car fitted out with a luxury interior and accessories.

The car has not been modified in any way since it was originally acquired at the factory during 1988. An aftermarket remote CD changer has been fitted using existing mounting points and fasteners. Apart from oil changes, the usual scheduled servicing (belts, plugs, etc), a replacement Bosch Silver battery and a set of new tyres (Bridgestone 002 Pole Position), it remains 100% original. The owner believes it would be foolish to modify any part of the car, as any permanent modifications would probably devalue the car's significance. Someday it could end up in a museum - perhaps even ending its days on display in Porsche's own collection, who knows?

There is a lengthy special features list in the GTE which includes upholstery, bodywork and mechanical elements. Had it been approved for production, who knows how the market would have responded to this UberPorsche of its day? 20 years later, it is still a force to be reckoned with on the road - and easily matches or outruns most of the current performance cars and motorcycles.

The GTE has a unique VIN, differing significantly from all the other 1987 thru 1989 Club Sport and SE cars built. This is probably due to an extended development cycle which appears to have been initiated some 4000 units prior prior to production of the CS and SE series cars. The factory eventually released the car for sale to the very persistent buyer in mid-1989 with just 700km on the clock.


  • The Porsche 928 was voted Car Of The Year in 1978, but that was a very different 928 to this one.

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