Pontiac G6
G6 2007.jpg
Manufacturer Pontiac/General Motors
Country U.S. flag.png United States
Production 2004–2009
Class Mid-size
Body style(s) 2-door convertible
2-door coupe
4-door sedan
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The Pontiac G6 is a mid-size that was produced under the Pontiac brand of American-automaker General Motors. It was intoduced in the fall of 2004 to replace the Grand Am. The G6 was built on the GM Epsilon platform, shared with the Chevrolet Malibu and the Saab 9-3 along with other GM vehicles. Pontiac G6's where build in Lake Orion, Michigan.

The G6 was a successful-selling vehicle, selling above 100,000 from 2005 to 2008. The G6 was discontinued along with the entire Pontiac lineup following the shutdown of the Pontiac brand. The G6 would also prove to be the last model ever made for the Pontiac brand, as the very last U.S. built Pontiac vehicle rolled off on November 25, 2009.

According to the G6's Wikipedia page, "its name derives from being the successor to the Pontiac Grand Am, and serves as the "sixth generation" of the Grand Am, hence G6. The name change from Grand Am to G6 was implemented to help reposition Pontiac as a rival to BMW, and served as a standard for most future models. For example, the Pontiac G8 was a class above the G6, while the Pontiac G5 was a class below. The nomenclature also hearkens back to the Pontiac 6000, another midsize car."

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