Plymouth Prowler
Chrysler / Plymouth
aka Prowler
Production 1997, 1999-2002. Total Production: 11578
Class Roadster
Body Style 2-door Convertible
Length 165"
Width 76"
Height 51"
Wheelbase 113"
Weight 2,838 lbs
Transmission Auto-Stick, final drive ratio is 3.89; individual gears are: 2.842 1st, 1.573 2nd. 1.000 3rd. and 0.689 (overdrive) 4th.
Engine 3.5L V6
Power 1997: 214HP, 221 ft lb @ 3,100 RPM;

1999-2002: 253HP, 255 lb-ft @ 3,950 RPM

Similar Honda S2000, Audi TT, Porsche Boxster, BMW Z3
Designer Chip Foose

The Plymouth Prowler is Plymouth's tribute to a truly original American art form: the street rod.

Styled like a roadster of the 1930s, but redone in the mode of the '50s, the Prowler looked like no other modern car on the road. Motorcycle-type front fenders, for instance, moved along with the front wheels. Like the Viper before it, Prowler had been a show car--but one later made ready for the street. Appearances aside, the Prowler's technology was strictly up-to-date. About 900 pounds of aluminum were used--in the hood, front side panels, doors, rear deck, frame, bumpers, front-suspension wishbones, and seat frames. Plastic was used for rear body panels, rocker panels, and front fenders. Borrowed from Chrysler's LH sedans, the 3.5-liter V6 engine produced 214 horsepower. Rear-wheel drive helped impart a more traditional hot rod feel. Prowler's sole transmission was a rear-mounted automatic unit with Chrysler's Autostick manual-shift feature, which permitted manual gear selection when desired. Anti-lock brakes and traction control were not available, though brakes were all-disc. Front tires were 225/45VR17 size, while the back end held massive 295/40VR20 rubber. Both tires had run-flat capability--essential because there was no room for a spare tire. The retro theme continued into the interior, which featured a full complement of gauges at the center of the dashboard, in an elliptical pod. That pod matched the body color--which was purple-only in the Prowler's first season. A tachometer was mounted atop the steering column, simulating the look of aftermarket speed equipment. Standard equipment included air conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, cruise control, 6-disc CD changer, and a defroster for the convertible top's glass rear window. Power windows, locks, and mirrors also were standard. Production ended February 15, 2002.

Recent Changes

1999 - Different V6 Engine, Passenger Airbag shut off, Chrome Wheels, Compass and trip odometer in rear view mirror.

Styles and Major Options

No Options Offered, only different colors.




















Gas Mileage

City: 17 Highway: 23

As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:


4 out of 5 stars Warranty: 3 years / 36 months


This section should reference points on safety ratings and features of the vehicle.



  • Purple (1997 & 1999)
  • Yellow (1997-2002)
  • Red (1999 & 2000)
  • Black (1999 & 2000)
  • Silver (2000-2002)
  • Woodward (red/black) (2000)
  • Black Tie (black/silver) (2001)
  • Burnt Orange (2001)
  • Blue (2001)
  • Inca Gold (2002)
  • Candy Apple (2002)
  • Electric Blue (last one built, 2002)

Full Breakdown of Production Numbers can be found at:

Main Competitors

Unique Attributes

The Prowler was hand assemblied (next to the Viper) at Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, Michigan

The Prowler is a rolling celebration of new technology and materials. Staying true to its hot-rod roots, however, Prowler's architecture remains body-on-frame, and the top priorities - rigidity, strength yet light in weight - were all met with the use of tommorow's material's technology.

Sections are joined by slip-in Node and Clevis castings which are MIG welded, as are the various brackets and mounts. The robotic welding is so precisely executed that each bead has an almost jewel-like quality to it. Two alloys are used, 6061 and 6063, both in T6 temper (which is well into the hardness and strength end of the aluminum designation scales). These are expensive alloys, but relatively easy to form - and they can be further hardened to near steel equivalency through "heat aging" as well as other ways. The two alloys lend themselves to the creation of "crush" zones, and the wrinkled "dimple" near the front of the frame also collapses under impact. Provisions for the cockpit take up slightly more than the center third of Prowler's frame, assuring passenger room aplenty, and full compliance with federal safety mandates, including dual air bags* and side-impact protection.

Resale Values



No V8 engine.


Predecessor: Chrysler Crossfire


United States and Canada

Design quirks and oddities

  • There are no 1998 Prowlers
  • In 2001 the Prowler moved from the Plymouth lineup to Chrysler.
  • Only 396 Prowlers where built in 1997
  • Only one High Voltage Electric Blue Prowler with matching trailer was made. Signified the end of production in February 15, 2002.



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