Pinky Lai

Pinky Lai.

Pinky Lai (Hong Kong, born 20 March 1951) is an automotive designer, currently working at Porsche AG. He is responsible for the exterior designs of both Porsche Boxster and Cayman. He is also the designer of the original Boxster and 911 (996 series).

In 1972 he moved to Rome, where he later recieved a BA in Industrial Design. After answering an advertisement from Ford of Germany for a car designer, in 1978, he ended up receiving a two year scholarship on transportation design at Royal College of Art in London.

After his graduation in 1980, he went in a joint venture project to work in Ghia Studios (in Italy) and Mazda (in Japan), where he worked in the Sierra, Fiesta, Escort and Scorpio projects.

After returning to Germany (he joined BMW in 1984 as a senior designer), he was invited by the president of R&D of Porsche AG to join the design team (Porsche Styling) under the lead of Harm Lagaay (also from BMW). Since then, he worked in all the models from the factory, from the Boxster to the Cayman, and including the revolutionary 996, the first departure from the original Butzi Porsche design in four decades.

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