Peel p50
Peel P50
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The Peel P50 is a Microcar built on the Isle of Man. It also happens to be a three wheeled car and has a sports car version called the Peel Trident.

Built on the Isle of Man, this car was once the smallest car but was beaten by the another car (see Car World Records). 50 of them were sold costing £199. It had a top speed of round about 38mph and weighed 59kg. In the UK it was classed as a Three Wheeler, though in some countries it was classed as a moped

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Styles and Major OptionsEdit

The peel P50 only came as a 1 Door Microcar but there was a sports version called the Peel Trident


All Peel P50s were sold at £12,499

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Engine and TransmissionEdit

The P50 came with a fan-cooled DKW 49 cc engine and 3 Speed manual transmission with no reverse.


It had a top speed of 38MPH and produced 4.2hp


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The Peel P50 has been criticised for its low speed, and lack of safety features: there are no airbags, and, as mentioned by Jeremy Clarkson in an episode of top gear, when driving it, "the only crumple zone is my knees."


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Design quirks and odditiesEdit

It used to be the smallest car in the world but was recently beaten by the World Smallest Car.

Jeremy Clarkson drove it round the BBC offices in an episode of Top Gear


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