Pars Khodro is an Iranian automobile manufacturer. It was the first manufacturer of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in Iran.


Formerly, Pars Khodro built American Motors' Rambler and General Motors (GM) products under licence. Its first cars, the Aria and the Shahin, were based on AMC's compact 1966 Rambler American and were launched in 1967. Production ended in 1974. It also built Jeep vehicles under licence. The company was called Sherkate Sahami Jeep at the time.[1]

In June 1972, Sherkate Sahami inked a deal with GM and formed General Motors Iran Ltd. GM Iran produced Opels under licence, using the Chevrolet brand. These models featured 2·5 and 2·8 L engines. In addition, a Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet (Nova) were built, along with a Chevrolet pick-up truck. The Jeep continued during this time. These were built until 1981, the Islamic Revolution forcing the cessation of their manufacture and links with GM.

Afterward, Pars Khodro switched to the manufacture of the Nissan Patrol under licence.

In 1997, it acquired an additional Renault 5 assembly line from SAIPA, a fellow Iranian manufacturer, which had been making the car since 1980 as a replacement for the Iranian-built Citroën Dyane. The Sepand I and II were versions of the original Renault 5.

In 2000, 51 per cent of Pars Khodro's shares were purchased by SAIPA, which in turn is 48 per cent owned by the Iranian Government.

Today's range

Today, Pars Khodro builds Renault and Nissan models under licence, beginning with the Sepand (1998 - 2003), a car similar to Renault 5,[2] replaced by Sepand P.K in 2000.

Other models include the Nissan Maxima, Nissan Roniz (Xterra) and the Nissan Patrol and Safari. The Patrol was built totally in Iran, with Iranian content, for the public only until approx. 2002.

Pars Khodro's cars complement SAIPA's range of Kia and Renault licensed models.

Since 2006, Pars Khodro has begun manufacturing Dacia Logan and Renault Megane under license.[3]

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