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Panther Westwinds (commonly known as Panther) was a specialty automobile manufacturer in Surrey, United Kingdom. Founded in 1972 by Robert Jankel, the Panther company enjoyed success throughout the 1970s with retro-styled cars based on production mechanicals. The company's Panther J72, like the resurrected Stutz Blackhawk in the United States, became a car for top celebrities to be seen in.

It was not just retro-cars Panther was interested in. In 1975 the Panther Rio was announced - a Triumph Dolomite with grotesque 'Rolls-Royce' styling and interior appointments - the cost of which was equivalent to three Triumph Dolomites!

Another Panther was the infamous Panther 6, one car was officially built and another copy constructed later (before Panther collapsed). This machine had slick aerodynamic convertible bodywork, 6 wheels (like the Tyrrell racecar), a thirsty mid-mounted Cadillac 8.2L V8 (with twin turbochargers) and apparently, could top the double ton (200 mph / 322 km/h)! The people who actually drove the thing found it 'interesting!'

The Panther company collapsed in 1980 and was purchased by Young Kim of Korea. He built a new factory in Harlow and began assembling cars using Korean-made bodies. In the 1980s, the company moved into the sports car arena, culminating with the 1990 Panther Solo. Panther lost money on every Solo, and the company was liquidated to Korean SsangYong Motor Company shortly afterwards.

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