Nissan Livina
Nissan Livina
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The Nissan Livina is a subcompact hatchback designed in China and manufactured by Japanese automaker Nissan. The range also includes two offshoot models: the station wagon 7 seater version called Grand Livina and the crossover version called Livina X Gear.



2006 Nissan Livina.

Introduced in 2006, the Nissan Livina was designed under Dongfeng Nissan, Nissan's Chinese division. Sharing the same platform with the Nissan Note, it is offered with 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter, or 1.8-liter engines, similar to the ones in Nissan Versa, which is also Nissan's subcompact hatchback. Compared to the Versa, the Livina offers a bigger space and better fuel economy, suitable for the Chinese market. It was later sold in Brazil, Middle East, South Africa, China, Taiwan, and certain South East Asian countries.

In 2007, a wagon version was introduced called the Grand Livina/Livina Geniss. It features third row seats which has a high demand in South East Asia where family size tends to be big. The Grand Livina features a

2007 Nissan Grand Livina.

smart roof design which allows the air flowing from the front air conditioner to the third row seats. When the third row and the second row seats are folded, it can be converted into a sleeping bed. The Grand Livina is a great alternative for those who does not want the massive fuel consumption of an MPV, with the sacrifice of space. 

In 2008, Nissan launched a variant of the standard Livina called the Livina X-Gear. The X-Gear features black interior (In opposed to the standard Livina's beige interior at that time) and some major exterior changes, which includes a taller ground clearance, roof rails, off road style front and rear bumpers, a new grille design, and a new set of wheels. 
Nissan Livina in Malaysia

2008 Livina X-Gear.

in 2011, all variants of Livina comes in a new grille design. 

As for the 2012, the interior color of the standard Livina, as well as the Grand Livina, was turned into black from beige. The Grand Livina version is offered with additional air conditioner for the second row passengers.

The 2013 receives a radical change in the 

Nissan livina-china-2013 r1

2013 facelift of the Livina.

design, even though it is basically the same car. The headlights 

and rear lights received a new design and the grille was redesigned. The steering wheel and some parts of the interior were redesign to follow Nissan's design trend.

Styles and Major OptionsEdit

In Indonesia , there are 2 only 2 trims : 1.5 XR with automatic transmission and 1.5 XR with manual transmission.The X Gear trim has 2 trims : the automatic transmission and the manual transmission.The Grand Livina comes in different variation of trims : 1.5 SV, 1.5 XV, 1.5 Ultimate , 1.8 XV , and 1.8 Ultimate.

A special edition Grand Livina called Winston Adi Edition was made in 2010.Only 50 units were sold and all of them are only available in metallic orange or silver.Several changes includes the standard touchscreen on board computer,new aluminium rims,leather coated steering wheel,white colored interior,and a push start button.The first unit was given to the owner of Nissan Indonesia.All units were sold in just 3 months after its released.The cost is approximately around $ 68,000.

Livina X GearEdit

Nissan released a new trim for the Livina called Livina X Gear in 2008.It has some new features such as crossover style bumpers,roof rail,airbag,and black interior.Ironically,the ground clearance is still the same as the normal Livina.The 1.5 engine is the same as the normal Livina.While the normal Livina does not include airbags in Indonesia,the X Gear has the airbag as standard safety equipment.

Grand Livina/Livina GenissEdit

Despite the high demand of 7 seater cars in Indonesia , Nissan added a new trim for the Livina called Grand Livina.The Grand Livina features a larger cargo and third row seats.Seats can be folded into a bed.The higher trims have wood panles in the interior.The smart roof construction makes the air from the Air conditioner at the front to flow to the third row seats without requiring an extra double blower AC.The Grand Livina also features a trim that use a 1.8 engine instead of 1.5.The 2008 model has a redesigned grille which is controversial.Grand Livina is the best selling station wagon in Indonesia,no other station wagon can be as popular as this car.For the 2009 model,several standard features are added such as the DVD player,electric mirror,and side guard.The orange colour was replaced by light green.


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Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
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Gas MileageEdit

According to Auto Bild Indonesia and Mobilmotor Indonesia magazine , the Livina can travel up to 18 km/l.However,despite its slow gas response,the driver must drive patiently to reach that fuel consumption.

As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
c/h c/h c/h c/h

Engine and TransmissionEdit

The base Livina and the Livina X-Gear is offered in 1.5 liter engine only,but the Grand Livina/Livina Geniss ,is offered in 1.5 and 1.8 liter engine.


The car is known for its slow gas response,which is one of the factors why most people in Indonesia would prefer Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz.However,the engine is set to reach a positive fuel consumption.It can travel to 18km/l for the manual transmission which is above the average subcompact cars.

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The bright cabin color often makes it easily to get dirty.


The base trim Livina does not come with airbags or ABS.However,the X Gear and the Grand Livina feature airbags.ABS is absent.


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Main CompetitorsEdit

Main Competitors for the standard Livina are :

Main competitors of the Livina X-Gear are :

Main competitors of the Grand Livina are :

Hybrid ModelsEdit

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Unique AttributesEdit

Livina has the best fuel consumption among its class.With the fuel consumption of 18km/l (manual transmission), it is way more fuel efficient than its main rivals , the Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris.The Livina also has the largest interior space among all.


The Livina has light beige interior,while the X Gear trim has black interior.The beige interior must have xtra care because it can get dirty easily.Black spots often formed in the surface of the car interior.

Resale ValuesEdit

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Many people are concern about the beige color interior which gets dirty easily.However,the X Gear trim has black interior which solves this problem.The Grand Livina trim has some complains in terms of cabin space.The lack of gas response is also found by many journalists.However,this setting is designed to achieve maximal gas mileage.


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Design quirks and odditiesEdit

The Grand Livina trim is the best selling station wagon in Indonesia.


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