Nissan 240SX
aka Nissan S12 (200SX)
Nissan S13 (240SX)
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Class Sports Compact
Body Style 2 dr Coupe
2 dr Roadster
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Transmission 4-Speed Automatic, 5-Speed Manual, RWD
Engine 2.0L Turbo
2.4L 4 cylinder KA24DE
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Introduced in the United States and Canada for the 1989 model year, the Nissan 240SX was the North American version of Nissan's "S13" car, sold in Japan as the Silvia (coupe) and 180SX (hatchback). This 2 + 2 sports coupe was powered by a SOHC, 3 valves per cylinder, 2.4L engine (code name: KA24E) generating 140 horsepower and 152 lb-ft of torque, driven through the rear wheels.

In comparison, the United Kingdom received the S13 model branded as a 200SX, hatchback style only. The engine was a 16v 1.8L turbocharged unit, producing 169 horsepower and approx 164 lb-ft torque.

Changes by YearEdit

In 1991 the engine was upgraded to DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, and became the KA24DE. Output was raised to 155 hp. In 1994 there was a US-only convertible version, a conversion package that was performed on automatic coupe versions only.

For the 1995 model year, a new model of the 240SX was released, dubbed the S14. This model brought a new body style and mechanical upgrades, though basics remained the same. The 'truck-like' KA24DE remained. The S14 240SX failed to capture the same media attention and public demand as the S13 model had. Rivals like the Honda Prelude outperformed the 240SX in most categories including acceleration, interior quality and ammentites, as well as price. The last of the 240SXs came to the US for the 1998 model year. The UK also received the S14, continuing to be labelled as the 200SX. Once again a turbocharged motor was used, this time the SR20DET, bringing displacement up to 2.0L and power a shade under 200, at 197 horsepower.

For the model years of 1991-94 the KA24DE engine had cam durations of 240 intake, and 248 exhaust. In the model years of 1995-1998, the cam duration was reduced to 232 intake and exhaust. To compensate for reduced power, the intake manifold was made to flow more freely than the 91-94 model years, resulting in the same 155hp and 160ft. lbs as the 91-94 KA24DE


There is an extremely large Tuner/Aftermarket for these cars stemming primarily from the American adoption of the Japanese sport of drifting. Due to the wild popularity of the 240's Japan side counterpart in drifting, the 240 owner presently enjoys a vast array of aftermarket performance upgrades to choose from.

However, due to the fact that the 240SX comes with a completely different engine and transmission than the Silvia, stateside tuners have come up with turbo kits for the KA24E and KA24DE engines respectively. In addition, because of the 240's desirable weight and handling characteristics combined with it's affordable used sale price, the 240SX has also become a staple for engine swaps. Common swaps usually involve some iteration of the turbocharged SR20 or CA18 4 cylinder motor found in the Silvia or one of the RB turbocharged in-line six motors from Nissan's venerable Skyline. More recently, GM's LS1 V8 has become another popular swap for the 240. Not as common swaps have been the 2JZTE, mainly due to the cost of acquiring one of these turbocharged Toyota inline six's, the VG30DETT from the 300ZX and the list goes on.


Displacement= 2.4L

KA24E(89-90)= SOHC Inline Four Cylinder, 3 valves per cylinder

Cast Iron Block Cast Aluminum Heads Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold

140 HP @ 5600 RPM

152 ft. lbs. @ 4400 RPM

KA24DE = DOHC Inline Four Cylinder, 4 valves per cylinder

Bore x Stroke = 89mm x 96mm

Cast Iron Block Cast Aluminum Heads

155 HP @ 5600 RPM

160 ft. lbs. @ 4400 RPM

Compression Ratio:

Early 89 = 9.1:1

Late 89-90 = 8.6:1

91-94 = 9.0:1

95-98 = 9.5:1



0-60mph ~8.4sec


0-60mph ~7.9sec

1/4mi ~15.9sec

Production NumbersEdit

  • 1998: 2,178
  • 1997: 3,655
  • 1996: 7,334
  • 1995: 25,114
  • 1994: 1,167
  • 1993: 21,471
  • 1992: 27,033
  • 1991: 34,534
  • 1990: 60,582
  • 1989: 68,118


  • 1992: 2,102 **were there convertibles in 1993????? - Convertible were sold in 1992, along side the hatchback and coupe models
  • 1993: 3,892 **were there convertibles in 1993????? - Convertible were sold in 1993, along side the hatchback and coupe models
  • 1994: 1,167 **ONLY convertibles were sold in 1994

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