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The Mazda Mazda5 (called Premacy in the rest of the world) was a compact MPV until 2005, before becoming a minivan for the 2006 model year (C-class). The first generation Premacy was built in Japan and exported to Europe and Asia. A rebadged version was sold by Ford in a few Asian markets (including Japan) as the Ford Ixion or Ford MAV. The second generation is sold worldwide as the Mazda5. As of March 31, 2005, 285,258 Premacy and Mazda5 models had been sold worldwide since introduction.

The first generation Premacy was a 2-row, 4 or 5-passenger vehicle, while the second generation adds a third row of seats for up to 6 passengers. Both generations were true vans with flat floors and folding/removable second (and third) row seating.

Recent ChangesEdit

  • The 2010 Geneva Motor Show play host to the launch of the third-generation 2011 Mazda5 which brings its styling into line with Mazda's Nagare Flow design language. Among the engine options will be Mazda's newly-developed 2.0-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine with direct-injection and i-stop, linked to a six-speed manual transmission with gear ratios specific to this version. The gasoline line-up will also features a 1.8-liter engine with a six-speed manual transmission. [1]

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Sport Touring Grand Touring Trim4
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RECALL ALERT: Mazda was forced to recall the Mazda5 in the United States shortly after production began due to a risk of exhaust system fires. The company gave customers $500 (For Canadian owners, it is C$500) plus a loaner car while the problem was mitigated. 2,700 vehicles were affected.


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Current Generation (2011-present)Edit


Second Generation (2006-2010)Edit

The new 2006 model has been on sale since summer 2005. It is now sold as the Mazda5 in all markets and is considered a much better car than the old Premacy model. It is now classified in the United States as a minivan, because of its sliding doors. It is based on Ford's global C1 platform, meaning it shares many parts with the Mazda3. Its closest relative is the European compact MPV Ford Focus C-Max, though the Mazda5 uses minivan-style sliding doors in the rear while the Ford has four conventional front-hinged doors. This version of the vehicle was also introduced for sale in the United States, making it the first compact minivan in that market since the discontinuation of the Mitsubishi Expo in 1995, along with its twins, the Dodge/Plymouth Colt Vista and the Eagle Summit Wagon. It is now North America's lowest priced minivan, overtaking the Ford Freestar.

In the US market the Mazda5 fits six passengers using three rows of seats, with 2 seats per row, and replaces the MPV as its minivan for that market. In the European market it is sold as a seven seater using Mazda's 'Karakuri Seating System', which means the car has three rows of two seats, with the seventh seat a clever fold away jump seat in the centre of the middle row. Mazda has managed to use proper three point seat belts on all seven seats and avoided resorting to a lap only belt on the seventh seat.

The middle row of seats recline and slide front-to-rear, and fold flat to ease cargo loading. The rear row also folds flat.


The wheelbase is 2740 mm (108 in) with an overall length of 4505 mm (177 in).

Engine options:

  • 1.8 L MZR I4, 85 kW (116 PS/114 hp)
  • 2.0 L MZR I4, 110 kW (150 PS/148 hp)
  • 2.3 L MZR I4, 117 or 119 kW (159-162 PS/157-159 hp)
  • 2.0 L MZ-CD I4 Diesel, 77 or 105 kW (105-143 PS/103-141 hp)

First Generation/Origins (1999-2005)Edit

The 1999 Premacy used Mazda's CP platform. It was available with either front or all wheel drive and was equipped with an automatic transmission. As the Premacy had only five seats, it was less modular than some if its adversaries such as the Opel Zafira and Honda Stream. The second-row seats could be folded and removed as on many other minivans.

This generation Premacy was also sold in some Asian markets as the Ford Ixion.

It was powered by a number of engines:


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The Mazda5 was named "Best New Multipurpose Family Vehicle" in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Year awards. Consumer Reports ranked the Mazda5 as the best "tall wagon" in their test, though the car failed to gain a "recommended" rating due to unknown reliability.

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