Template:List of Loremo Models Loremo AG is a German automaker corporation, based in Munich. It was founded in 2000. Loremo is focussed on designing and manufacturing cars with very low weight and air resistance, the term "Loremo" is an abbreviation for LOw REsistance MObile. Initially the car was conceived for emerging markets such as China and India. However, due to the worldwide attention on Global Warming the company also plans to sell the Loremo across the European Union.


At the 2006 Geneva Auto Show the company has demonstrated its concept car which the company says will become a 157 MPG (1,5 l/100 km) turbodiesel car. Two different Loremo models are currently waiting in the pipeline to be produced: the Loremo LS base model, and the sportier Loremo GT. Both models will be equipped with a manual transmission and be mid engined in a 2+2 configuration.

According to the company, the Loremo LS base model will produce only 50 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, which would be better than any other car on the market in terms of environmental sustainability. In comparison the now most energy efficient model of the Smart by German automaker Daimler AG produces 88 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

The presentation of the Loremo during the Geneva Auto show in 2006 focused on the car's body, as it lacked an engine, the next step is the installation of the turbodiesel motor device. In the light of diminishing fossil energy resources it is also envisioned to implement an electric motor in subsequent models. For September 2007 the company has planned the car's proof of concept in Frankfurt am Main, as part of the annual International Motor Show.

Mass production is planned for 2009 in a still to be constructed car factory. This factory will probably be located in the city of Dorsten in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Technical Data of the Low Resistance Mobile (LoReMo)
Loremo LS Loremo GT
Seats 2+2 2+2
Motor 2-cylinder turbodiesel 3-cylinder turbodiesel
Output 15 kW/20 HP36 kW/50 HP
Maximum speed 160 km/h, resp. 100 MPH220 km/h, resp. 137 MPH
0-100 km/h 20 s 9 s
Weight 450 kg470 kg
Consumption 1,5l/100km, resp. 157 MPG2,7l/100km, resp. 87 MPG
Tank (Liter) 20, resp. 5.28 gallons20, resp. 5.28 gallons
Fuel range 1300 km, resp. 808 miles 800 km, resp. 497 miles
Drag Cw=0,20; Cw×A=0,22 m² Cw=0,20; Cw×A=0,22 m²
Dimensions (l x b x h) 384 cm x 136 cm x 110 cm 384 cm x 136 cm x 110 cm
Price < 11,000 Euro< 15,000 Euro

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