Lambo bravo
Lamborghini Bravo
aka Bravo
Production 1974

1 unit produced

Class Prototype
Body Style Two-door coupe, 2 seater
Length 3775 mm
Width 1880 mm
Height 1035 mm
Wheelbase 2250 mm
Weight 1085 kg
Engine V-8 90 degree, light-alloy block with gearbox and differential built in the same block and pressed-in liners, transversely mid mounted, rear wheel drive
Power 300 bhp at 7800 rpm

235 Lbs.Ft. at 4000 rpm

Similar Lamborghini Athon
Designer Bertone

The Lamborghini Bravo was a concept car designed by Bertone for Lamborghini. It was first presented in 1974 at the Turin Auto Show.

The Bravo was designed to showcase ideas for a replacement to the Urraco. The completely working prototype featured a 3L 300 hp V8 that powered the rear wheels, and underwent nearly 40,000 miles of testing before it was placed in the Bertone museum.[1] It was never put into production, but many styling features of the Bravo would find their way into the Countach, including the angular features, the window arrangement, and the wheel design, but the interior was never more than what was barely necessary to operate the vehicle.

Colors Edit

As a one-off automobile, it is available in only one color: yellow.


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