Jaguar-XF 2009 04small.jpg
Jaguar XF
aka XFR
Production March 2008-present
Class Mid-Size Luxury
Body Style 4-door, 5-seat sedan
Length 195.3 in (4961 mm)
Width 73.9 in (1877 mm)
Height 57.5 in (1461 mm)
Wheelbase 114.5 in (2908 mm)
Weight 4100-4200 lb (curb)
Transmission 6-speed JaguarDrive Selector Automatic with Jaguar Sequential Shift™ Manumatic shifting, RWD
Engine 4.2 litre DOHC V8, 32-valves

4.2 litre supercharged and intercooled DOHC V8, 32-valve

5.0 litre AJ-V8 Gen III supercharged V8
Power 300 hp @ N/A rpm
310 lb-ft. of torque @ N/A rpm

470 hp @ N/A rpm
424 lb-ft. of torque @ N/A rpm

510 hp @ 6000-6500 rpm
461 lb-ft. (625 Nm) of torque @ 2500-5500 rpm
Similar Mercedes-Benz E-Class
BMW 5 Series
Audi A6
Lexus GS
Infiniti M
Designer Ian Callum (Exterior)
Alister Whelan (Interior)

The Jaguar XF is an all-new sport sedan which replaces the S-Type. Although it is a mid-size luxury car which competes with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6, it significantly moves Jaguar upmarket with prices ranging between $68,000 to $110,000, more than stepping into its older brother, the Jaguar XJ's, territory. The new car will be developed in Coventry and will be built in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, U.K.

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Recent Changes

  • In 2011, Jaguar teamed up with one of its UK dealers to create the 50 unit limited edition XFR Stratstone Le Mans Limited Edition. Available in Polaris White and Midnight Black, the car features a black grille with a color-coded trim, twin chrome-finished bonnet louvers with supercharged script, 20-inch gloss black rims with red center caps and Jaguar R brakes, personalized sill plaques, leather headrests, a piano black veneer with dark mesh aluminum for the dashboard, a soft-grain leather finish with contrast stitching for the instrument panel and a Stratstone Le Mans badge for the gear selector. Each of the 50 cars are also specially numbered. Proceeds of up to £5000 will be donated to the Royal British Legion.
  • For 2011, Jaguar unveiled a new styling kit for the XF, called the Black Pack. Available on the XF Diesel S, 5.0 litre V8 petrol and XFR models, the £950 package brings with it 20-inch Draco alloys, painted in dark grey, gloss black grille and window surrounds and a choice of several exterior colors. For an even more dramatic effect, customers can pair the Black Pack with the XF Aerodynamic Pack on Diesel S models. Launched earlier this year, the latter includes a re-profiled front bumper, black mesh inserts for the grille, lower air intakes and side sills borrowed from the XFR.[1]

  • Jaguar updates the XF lineup for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show with the introduction of the long-awaited, range-topping XFR sports sedan. Aimed to go head to head with the likes of the BMW M5, Audi RS6 and Merc E63 AMG, the new feral feline will be the first production Jag to break the 500 hp mark since the XJ220 from 18 years ago courtesy of a new supercharged version of the venerable Jag AJV8 engine displacing 5.0 litres. The total output is 510 bhp @ 6000-6500 rpm and 461 lb-ft of torque @ 2500-5500 rpm which is good enough to propel the car from naught to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and Jaguar smack dab into the 21st Century.The top speed of the car is 155 mph (250 km/h).Equipped with the Speed&Black Package reaches 174 mph (280 km/h) default.[2][3]
  • Jaguar auctions the very first production XF, a 2.7 Diesel, on September 7, 2007 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK with all earnings donated to The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). On hand for the event is new opera singing trio Elysium (pictured below). The new owner gets to choose the color options for the vehicle with advice from Jag's CoD, Ian Callum as well as visit the Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham to see his XF being built.

Styles and Major Options

  • Luxury 2.7-litre V6 diesel
  • Luxury 3.0-litre V6 petrol
  • Premium Luxury 2.7-litre V6 diesel
  • Premium Luxury 3.0-litre V6 petrol
  • Premium Luxury 4.2-litre V8 petrol (naturally aspirated - n/a)
  • SV8 4.2-litre V8 petrol supercharged (s/c)

  • The Jaguar XF features the first premium Audiophile car sound system designed by high-end British audio company Bowers & Wilkins (B&W). The system makes up of 14 specially designed speakers, and makes use of advanced Dolby Pro Logic II 7.1 system. [4]


  • 18" Cygnus alloy wheels
  • 19" Auriga alloy wheels
  • 20" Volans alloy wheels
  • 20" Selena alloy wheels


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Luxury 2.7 L V6 Diesel Luxury 3.0 L V6 Petrol Premium Luxury 2.7 L V6 Diesel Premium Luxury 3.0 L V6 Petrol Luxury 4.2 L V8 Petrol Premium Luxury 4.2 L V8 Petrol SV8 4.2 L supercharged Petrol
£33,900 (€49,000) £33,900 (€49,000) £37,500 (€55,129) £37,500 (€55,129) $49,975 (N/A; N/A) $55,975 (£45,500; €67,000) $62,975 (£54,900; €80,840)
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4 $Price5 $Price6 $Price7

Gas Mileage

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2.7 L V6 Diesel 3.0 L V6 Petrol 4.2 L V8 Petrol 4.2 L SV8 V8 Petrol
c/h c/h c/h c/h

Engine and Transmission

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3.0 litre AJ-V6D Gen-III Turbodiesel

5.0 litre supercharged AJ-V8 Gen-III Petrol


All XFs feature a sophisticated six-speed automatic transmission that includes a unique, all-new JaguarDrive Selector – an industry first rotary shift interface – and the Jaguar Sequential Shift™ System with steering-wheel mounted paddles for one-touch manual control.


2.7 V6 Diesel

Maximum Power hp (kw): 207 (152) @ 4000 rpm

Maximum Torque lb.ft (Nm): 320 (435) @ 1900 rpm

0-60 mph : 7.7 seconds

Top Speed : 143mph (229kph)

3.0 V6 Petrol

Maximum Power hp (kw): 238 (175) @ 6800 rpm

Maximum Torque lb.ft (Nm): 216 (293) @ 4100 rpm

0-60 mph : 7.9 seconds

Top Speed : 148mph (237kph)

4.2 V8 Petrol

Maximum Power hp (kw): 298 (219) @ 6000 rpm

Maximum Torque lb.ft (Nm): 303 (411) @ 4100 rpm

0-60 mph : 6.2 seconds

Top Speed : 155mph (250kph) limited

4.2 V8 Petrol Supercharged

Maximum Power hp (kw): 416 (306) @ 6250 rpm

Maximum Torque lb.ft (Nm): 413 (560) @ 3500 rpm

0-60 mph : 5.1 seconds

Top Speed : 155mph (250kph) limited

5.0 V8 Petrol Supercharged (2015 XFRS)

Maximum Power HP (KW): 550 (404) @ 6500 rpm

Maximum Torque lb.ft (Nm): 500 (680) @ 3000 rpm

0-60 mph : 4.2 seconds

Top Speed : 186mph (300kph) limited


In Europe the Jaguar XF comes with a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty, together with a 3 year unlimited mileage paint surface warranty and a 6 year unlimited mileage corrosion and perforation warranty, along with 'Jaguar Assistance' - a 24 hour incident management support programme for the length of the warranty.

  • RECALL ALERT: On August 28, 2008, Jaguar issued a recall alert affecting 7,918 MY2009 XFs worldwide due to a rear seat belt defect that may not properly restrain occupants in the event of an accident. Owners are urged to visit their local Jaguar dealers for inspection and make necessary repairs. Jaguar has also set-up a hot line for concerned owners. The number is 1-800-452-4827. [5][6]


Csp xf 008 18.jpg

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Jaguar-XF 2009 10small.jpg



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  • Azure Blue
  • Botanical Green
  • Ebony
  • Emerald Fire
  • Frost Blue
  • Indigo Blue
  • Liquid Silver
  • Lunar Grey
  • Midnight
  • Pearl Grey
  • Porcelain
  • Radiance
  • Vapour Grey
  • Winter Gold


  • Champagne/Truffle
  • Charcoal/Charcoal
  • Ivory/Oyster (Premium Luxury/SV8 only)
  • Spice/Charcoal (SV8 only)
  • Dove/Charcoal (Luxury/Premium Luxury only)


  • Rich Oak Veneer
  • Burl Walnut Veneer
  • Satin American Walnut Veneer


  • Ultimate Black
  • Indigo
  • Liquid Silver
  • Lunar Grey
  • Porcelain
  • Botanical Green
  • Kyanite Blue
  • Salsa
Black Pack


  • Polaris White
  • Spectrum Blue
  • Ultimate Black
  • Stratus Grey
  • Lunar Grey
  • Liquid Silver
  • Kyanite Blue (XFR only)
  • Salsa Red (XFR only)

Main Competitors

Hybrid Models

N/A. However, the XF range includes a 2.7 litre diesel in the lineup which only emits a combined CO2 of 199 g/km while enjoying a 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 143 mph.

Unique Attributes

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RHD Jaguar XFR interior.

Due to the efforts of Jaguar's Principal Interior designer, Alister Whelan, the Jaguar XF's interior marks a distinct departure from conservative Jaguar "acres-of-wood" British interior to what he calls "...a very contemporary space". Highly modern, the once-dominant Jaguar dashboard motif of employing extensive wood paneling makes way for an expanse of geometric and sculpted aluminum anchored by only a small sliver of wood trimming. With laser-like Phosphor blue halo lighting now accenting all instrumentation, the dashboard fascia finds itself dominated by a 7-inch Multimedia/Navigation screen that acts as a centralized command post. It is flanked by rotating air-vents that hide into the dash when the vehicle is turned off. The "acres-of-wood" itself can now be found in unlikely places that defy traditional interior design norms (at times, recalling the interiors of the R-Coupe and RD-6 concept cars) and definitely make ailing Jaguar's point known that they are spearheading to the future regardless.

By far, however, the car's undeniably cool showpiece is its innovative JaguarDrive gear selector: a silver rotating knob (similar only in appearance to Audi's MMI, BMW's iDrive or Mercedes-Benz's COMAND) found on the center console that controls the Automatic transmission's setting. Upon switching off the vehicle, the knob recedes flush into the console and upon turning the car back on, it pops back up again.

The rest of the interior is swathed in different combinations of perforated and non-perforated Bond Grain and Softgrain leather. Finished with twin-needle stitching, the color palette range from subdued traditional Jag (Ivory/Oyster) to the avant-garde (Spice/Charcoal). While whatever wood there is can be had in three choices; namely, Satin American Walnut, Burl Walnut and straight-grained Rich Oak.

Resale Values

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Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


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Current Generation: (2008–present)

Jaguar-XF 2009 68small.jpg
Jaguar-XF 2009 50small.jpg


  • The XF has gone on sale in the UK as early as late 2007, while the North American market has to wait until March 2008.

Design quirks and oddities

The Jaguar XF's body is made out of high-strengh steel instead of aluminium.


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