The 2011 Infiniti M37

The M37 and M56 are luxury cars from Nissan's Infiniti marque. The original M30 was an Infiniti model from 1990 to 1992, after which it was discontinued, and the M45 was introduced in 2003. The M35 trim came in for the 2005 model year and continues, along with the M45, for 2007 after being wholly redesigned for 2006. For 2010, a new generation of Infiniti Ms have been introduced. They have also received new nomenclature in the form of M37, M37x and M56, owing to their new larger displacement engines.

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Recent Changes[]

  • On Friday, August 14th at 9:30 PM EST, Infiniti will unveil the 3rd generation M at the Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance. However, as early as Aug 5th, Infiniti released a teaser image on the web.[1]

UPDATE: Aug 14th 2009, Infiniti has virtually unveiled the third-generation (US) / fourth-generation (International) 2011 Infiniti M on the Monterey Peninsula. [2]


  • For 2008, and hot on the heels of the Infiniti EX's debut, Infiniti launched a facelifted M45

Styles and Major Options[]

The 2007 Infiniti M is available in two styles and a total of 5 trim levels. The M35 houses a 3.5L 275hp V6 engine, while the M45 utilizes an even more powerful 4.5L 325hp V8. Both the M35 and M45 are available in Base models and Sport trims, but the M35 is also available in an all wheel drive version, indicated by adding an X to the name (the M35x), as is the case with other Infiniti models. From trim to trim, there is little that differentiates the M35 from the M45, other than the size of the engine. Some of the standout features for the Base model and Sport trim include:

Base Model

  • 8-way power front seats with driver seat memory
  • Leather seating
  • Aluminum/genuine wood inserts
  • Express open/close sunroof
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • 6-speaker AM/FM/in-dash 6cd Changer audio system
  • Cruise Control
  • Leather steering wheel and shift knob
  • Power locks, windows, mirrors

Sport Adds to or replaces Base features with:

  • Sport suspension
  • 19" painted alloy wheels
  • 8-way power, heated front seats with driver side memory
  • Body-colored bumpers and side moldings


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M37 M37x M56 M56x
$46,250 $48,400 $57,550 $60,050
$50,465 $52,615 $58,415 $60,915

Gas Mileage[]

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

M35 M35x M45
18/25 17/24 17/23

Engine and Transmission[]

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According to Consumer Reports, "first year reliability has been outstanding." It is a new vehicle, however, and accurate reliability information over the years is yet to come.


Currently, the NHTSA has not posted any safety information about the latest M35/M45. And while reports that the 2006 M ties for 4th in Safety in its class, this is behind a slew of BMW 3 Series, Audi, Cadillac, and Lexus models ranked above it and locked in ties for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings.


Third Generation

Second Generation


Colors for the Infiniti M will vary by trim and model, but a complete list can be found at Here is a partial list of available combinations:


  • Black Obsidian
  • Diamond Graphite
  • Ivory Pearl
  • Twilight Blue
  • Umbria Grey


  • Bourbon
  • Graphite
  • Stone
  • Wheat

Main Competitors[]

Hybrid Models[]


Infiniti M35 Hybrid

On Oct. 7th 2009, Infiniti confirmed that there will be a hybrid model due for 2012 to be called M35 Hybrid. Aimed directly at the Lexus GS400h, the M35 Hybrid features a "laminated" lithium-ion battery powered single motor and a twin clutch hooked up to the same output shaft as the engine, resulting in an uninterrupted power flow to the transmission no matter which mode the hybrid system is in.[3][4]

Unique Attributes[]



2011 Infiniti M dashboard

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Resale Values[]

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<MODEL> Year
Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


  • "...the rear center seat is much less inviting, with a broad transmission tunnel consuming much of the floor space, forcing the middle passenger to splay his legs and have his feet share the front seatback cutouts with the outboard passengers." - Car & Driver
  • "The V6 model does not feel as lively as the V8 and, oddly, the optional AWD is only available with the V6. Larger drivers may find the front seat area a bit on the snug side." - Kelley Blue Book
  • "This car has lots of style, but it's generic style." - Automobile
  • "Like its G35 sibling, there's some trailing-throttle oversteer to be had in tight turns, but just as in that car, the slide is easy to catch." - Car & Driver

Current Generation: (2011–Present)[]


Previous Generations[]

Third Generation (2006-2010)[]

Carscoop 08 M45X 1

The 2008 Infiniti M45x

Infiniti released a completely redesigned M for the 2006 model year to compete directly in the mid-size sport luxury class, against such class stalwarts as the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It uses a much more rigid version of the G35/350Z/FX Nissan FM platform and is available with the common VQ-series 280 hp (208 kW) 3.5 L V6 in the M35, or the Q45's 335 hp (249 kW) 4.5 L V8 in the M45.

The automotive press has awarded the M several best-in-class awards in direct comparisons against its competitors. Despite entering a very crowded, competitive segment in which almost every member has been recently redesigned, the M still managed to find many key distinctions: Both the M35 and M45 are fastest in their class (0-60 in 6.3 and 5.4 seconds, respectively). The M is near or at the top of every interior dimension, actually breaking into the EPA "large" category depending on which option packages are selected. In fact, while being smaller on the outside than the flagship Q45, the M45 boasts more room, greater performance, a superior multilink front suspension, and much friendlier ergonomics, threatening the position of the flagship Q45.

All wheel drive models are called the M35x, which uses a sports car derived system (ATTESA-ETS) to send all power to the rear wheels until slip is detected. Why would anyone not want the all wheel drive model?

The M line was released in February 2005 (at almost exactly the same time as the new 2006 Lexus GS) and its first several months of sales have been far beyond expectations. Prices in the US (USD) range from the low 40s to the mid-50s, which, feature for feature, tend towards the lowest in class.

Second generation (2003-2005)[]


2003 Infiniti M45

The 2002 M45 was based on the Y34-series Nissan Gloria/Nissan Cedric, with styling similar to the Gloria. The engine is Nissan's 340 hp VK45DE V8 which produces 333 ft.lbf of torque. The rather Japanese squared-off styling did not make much of a splash on the US market, and the M45 sold poorly.

First Generation/Origins (1990)[]

The original 1990 M30 was the mundane middle offering of Nissan's Infiniti brand. It featured a 162 hp 3.0 L V6 shared, along with its rear wheel drive platform, with the 1987 Japanese Nissan Leopard. A convertible was added for 1991, and the M30 was replaced after 1992 by the more interesting Infiniti J30.


The first generation M is essentially a re-bodied JDM Nissan Cedric/Gloria while the second generation Ms share their bodywork with the JDM Nissan Fuga.

Design quirks and oddities[]


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