Template:List of Ignacio Fernández Rodriquez Automotive ModelsIFR Automotive is a Spanish boutique manufacturer of Sports cars. It was founded by Ignacio Fernández Rodriquez in 2003 for whom it was named.


IFR Automotive is a relatively new and exciting company founded in 2003 by Ignacio Fernandez Rodriquez, whose personal experience in the automotive industry ranges from the design of individual components and whole vehicle concepts through to the engineering of production cars for high volume series production.

In addition, Rodriquez has provided the highly specialised engineering skills necessary for supporting competitive race and rally cars. Fernandez has worked for companies such as SEAT and Prodrive and was a top level rally engineer with the Mitsubishi team competing for the 199- to 199- World Rally Championships.

The inspiration to dive into the fascinating world of vehicle research and development originated from his vision of creating a company that could take a leading role in the automotive market in terms of the innovation of new technologies.

“In theory, motorsport is the right environment to quickly develop new technology, but in practice the restrictions imposed by championship rules and regulations and the budgetary constraints imposed by sponsors and their focus on marketing, means no real opportunity for pure and unfettered research and development – a situation recognised by the FIA.”


IFR Automotive was awarded the “Best Start Up Company of 2004” by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, University and Enterprise Association. And, in 2006, it was nominated as one of Spain’s top five industry research and development businesses.

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