Template:List of Guangzhou Auto Group Models Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd. (known as: Guangzhou Automobile or GAIG. Chinese: 广州汽车, 広州汽車 or 广州汽车工业集团有限公司, 広州汽車工業集団有限公司) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer. It was founded on June 8th, 2000, on the integration of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Motors Group Company (previously Guangzhou Wuyang Group Company). It is authorized by Guangzhou City Government to operate state-owned assets, and is a large-scale company group with heavy support from Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. GAIC ranks the second group under the "Big Five" Chinese automakers (First Automobile Works, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Chang'an Motors, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and Chery Automobile).

GAIG operates many joint venture manufacturing concerns in China, especially has good relationships to Japanese automobile manufacturers, Isuzu, Honda, and Toyota. These are not for providing to the Chinese market, also for exporting to the overseas.

Joint ventures[]

  • Guangzhou Isuzu Bus (广州五十铃客车) — With Isuzu manufacturing Isuzu's buses
  • Guangzhou Honda Automobile (广州本田汽车) — With Honda manufacturing Accord, Fit, Odyssey
  • Guangzhou Toyota Motor (广州丰田汽车) — With Toyota manufacturing Camry
  • Wuyang-Honda Motors

Future Models[]

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Current Models[]

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Discontinued Models[]

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Concept Models[]

  • Guangzhou A-HEV Hybrid Concept

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