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The D platform, or D-body was Cadillac's full-size rear wheel drive automobile platform designation, used until 1996. It was closely related to the GM B platform and C platform.

All D-bodies were built in Arlington, Texas from 1988-1996 model years. Earlier D-Bodies were produced at Detroit, Michigan in addition to Arlington for the 1977-1987 model years.

Originally, the D designation was exclusive to the Cadillac Fleetwood 75 series 9-passenger sedan and limousine with a 144.5" wheelbase. However when most GM full-size luxury cars moved to the front wheel drive GM C platform in 1985, the rear wheel drive Fleetwood Brougham continued in production designated as a D-body using a 121.5 in wheelbase.

Production ended in 1996, leaving GM without a rear wheel drive luxury sedan. Later Cadillac introduced smaller cars on the Sigma platform.


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