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GMC Envoy
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The GMC Envoy was an SUV from the GMC marque of General Motors. There has been two generations of this model, the 1998-2000 first generation model, and the 2002-2006 second generation Envoy.


For 1998, the Envoy was a luxury trim line of the GMC Jimmy SUV, itself a clone of the Chevrolet Blazer. This version used a 190 hp (142 kW) Vortec 4300. This Envoy was retired after the 2000 model year.


Envoy 2000

1998-2000 Envoy

Envoy 2004

2002-2005 Envoy

The new Envoy replaced the Jimmy name in GMC's lineup. While it still shared a platform with the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, the styling was differentiated. Early versions used the 270 hp (201 kW) Vortec 4200 engine, while later Envoys stepped up to 275 hp (205 kW). This rating grew to 291 hp for the 2006 model year. All Envoys had 4-wheel disc brakes. A Displacement on Demand 5.3 L V8 was used beginning in 2005.

The Envoy was Motor Trend magazine's Sport/Utility of the Year for 2002. The 4200 Vortec I6 engine has been named to Ward's 10 Best Engines list annually since its introduction.


  • 2003-2006 LL8 4.2 L (256 in³) I6
  • 2003-2004 5300 5.3 L (323 in³) V8
  • 2005-2006 5300 5.3 L (323 in³) V8 with Displacement on Demand



One unique element of the new Envoy line was the availability of a 3-row 7-passenger Envoy XL version. This vehicle is 16 in (406 mm) longer and has a higher roofline to allow easier access to the third row of seats. This roof is disguised by standard roof racks.

Production of the XL model was handled by the Oklahoma City Assembly plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The XL model ceased to exist after the 2006 model year, because the plant there then closed on February 20, 2006. The Envoy XL was replaced by the Acadia for 2007. This car is well known for the heavy torque and pull, over any uphill road.


The five-passenger Envoy XUV, introduced in 2003, was an attempt to create a crossbreed of pickup truck and SUV. It featured a retractable rear roof section that slides forward, giving an open-topped load area. A 'MidGate' could be raised to partition the load area off from the passenger compartment; this was solid and plastic-lined to waist height and with a retractable glass partition for the top half. The two-way tailgate could either hinge sideways or drop down; the tailgate glass retracted into the solid tailgate. The cargo area was waterproofed and fitted with a drainage system, allowing it to be hosed down easily for cleaning.

The advantage of the Envoy XUV over a pickup truck or a more truck-like crossbreed such as the Chevrolet Avalanche (which shares the MidGate idea) was that the cargo area, with retractable roof and rear glass closed, the cargo area was sealed, full-height and lockable, thus making it close to a SUV. The disadvantages included a much smaller cargo area and breakable side glass.

The Envoy XUV's retractable roof was reminiscent of the Studebaker Wagonaire of the 1960s.

Sales were projected at 30,000 per year for this version (approximately a third of Envoy production), but have been much slower with just over 12,000 sold in 2004. GM decided to discontinue XUV production on March 15, 2005.


In 2005, a Denali luxury version of the Envoy became available. Both the standard length wheelbase Envoy as well as the Envoy XL were available with the Denali trim option. The Envoy Denali featured the hallmark bullet pattern grille and an upgraded interior with luxury car-like featured such as heated power seats, extensive woodgrain trim, and rain-sensing windshield wipers. Prices for the Envoy Denali ranged from $37,145 USD to $42,750 USD and prices for the Envoy XL Denail ranged from $38,575 USD to $43,895 USD.

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