1984 Ford RS200
Ford RS200
Production 1984-1986
Class Sports car
Body Style 2-Door Coupe
Length 157.5 Inches
Width 69.0 Inches
Height 52.4 Inches
Wheelbase 99.6 Inches
Weight 2,315 LBS
Engine 1.8L Straight-4
2.1L Straight-4
Power 250HP
Similar Audi Quattro
Designer Filippo Sapino

The Ford RS200 is a mid-engined 4WD, low slung sports car designed by Ford in the early '80s as a purpose built rally car. 200 road going versions were built (based on the RAC Rally car) to comply with FIA regulations, and 24 were given new suspension, brake, and engine components and dubbed 'Evo'.


Ford had been working on a project named the Escort RS1700T (based on the mk.3 Escort), but this failed after a problem-riddled development stage and they desperately needed a competitor for Group B rallying.

The experienced gained from this project, however, did not go to waste. The RS200 was born, and Ford had intentions for it to be a purpose-built rally car, rather than an adapted road car.

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