Fisker Karma S Sunset Concept
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Introduction 2009 Detroit Auto Show
Class Concept Car
Body Style 4 Doors+ 5 Seats+ Cabriolet Body
Length 195.67 in (4,970 mm)
Width 78.11 in (1,984 mm)
Height 51.57 in (1,310 mm)
Wheelbase 124.4 in (3,160 mm)
Weight Heavier Than Production Model
Transmission 1-speed+ RWD
Engine 2.0 L (121.9 cu in) turbocharged Ecotec VVT DI LNF I4

two 120 kW (161 hp) motors, 479 N·m torque each

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Electric motor {{{Electric motor}}}
Power (301 kW; 409 PS) and 1,300 newton-metres (960 lbf⋅ft) of torque.
Similar Tesla Roadster
Designer Anonymous Designer

Fisker previewed the Karma S "Sunset", which is based on the regular Karma, at the 2012 North American International Auto Show, Fisker has said that the Sunset only has minimum weight increases, when compared with the Karma. It was expected to be produced after the Surf, which was expected to be sometime after late 2013. The Fisker S Sunset was to be the world's first plug-in hybrid convertible, with a folding hardtop, as well as the first convertible/roadster by Fisker. the concept features the same plug-in Q-DRIVE lithium-ion battery powertrain good for 50 miles on a single charge and roughly 408 horsepower from two electric motors. A small gasoline engine turns the generator and should allow for extra range, though it’s not yet been determined what that range will be ever be.

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Unique Attributes[]

The Karma S Sunset Concept features a very similar design to its production sedan sibling, though the four-door setup is replaced by two larger coupe-like doors and the roof will be missing, instead replaced by either a retractable soft or a hard top convertible. Other changes will occur to the lower rocker area with a newly sculpted body side and detailing. The front end design will likely remain the same in order to share the Karma family face, but could receive unique treatment if there should ever be a production version. The interior is similar to the Karma production sedan, but rear seat occupants will be a little more squeezed due to the packaging of the convertible top.


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Before the Sunset was intended to be produced, Fisker Automotive went bankrupt.


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