Template:List of Fisher Models Fisher Automobile Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, is believed to have been the first automobile dealership in the United States. It carried multiple models of Oldsmobiles, Reos, Packards, Stoddard-Daytons, Stutz and others.

In 1891, Carl Graham Fisher (1874-1939) opened a bicycle shop with his two brothers. Regarded in partnership with his friend Barney Oldfield, Fisher converted the bicycle shop to handle automobiles, telling his fellow racer "I don't see why the automobile can't be made to do everything the bicycle has done."

Fisher promoted the automobile dealership as he had his bicycle shop with carefully planned stunts. He flew an automobile over Indianapolis supported by a hot air balloon, and pushing another off the roof of his four story building in downtown Indianapolis.

Fisher made millions with the sale and manufacture of an early form of headlights, became involved with automobile racing and was a principal in the building of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the Lincoln Highway and Dixie Highway, two of the earlier paved roads across the United States.

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