Template:List of Felber Autoroller ModelsThe Felber Autoroller was a three-wheeled automobile with a 400 cc Rotax two cylinder, two stroke engine and was designed by Ernst Marold, who manufactured sidecars, under the Felber name in Vienna from 1952 to 1954. About 400 were built in two versions, all in light green using the standard paint for machinery at that time and therefore cheaper than car paint.

After the liberalisation of car imports into Austria in 1954 local small scale production was not competitive and Felber imported threewheelers from Heinkel, Trojan and Reliant.

About twelve rolling chassis were delivered to another company in Vienna who was building a Fuldamobil egg shape body called Möve. The only known car is in the car museum in Aspang in Austria.

The only two surviving Felbers are to be seen in the RRR scooter and microcar museum in Eggenburg, Austria.

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