{{List of Template:Emme Models}}Emme was a Brazilian company that produces cars, located in Pindamonhangaba. Operated between 1997 and 1999.


In 1997, in the Brazil Motor Show, Emme presented at its stand, the 422T a large sedan, manufactured in Brazil, 2.2L I4 16V Turbo engine, original Lotus. The body used VeXtrim, a polymer plastic injected high strength. The company showed two other versions, the 420 and 420T, versions that make available a propellant 2.0L I4 16V, aspirated and turbo. Information they realized that the plans were great, the Emme intended to sell its vehicles in Europe. The vehicles carried the emblem of the British Lotus. The cars were manufactured by Megastar Vehicles, which reported that cars were the result of a partnership with the British automaker, a project that was first developed in 1987 in Switzerland. However, the similarities with the concept car Volvo ECC are such that - to launch the Volvo S80 in 1998 - the Swedish model looked like a copy of the 422T, when the opposite was true. The Emme had numerous problems mount as burrs finishes and gaps between plates of the body. The original engine Lotus drivers were discarded by the British company, sold to Emme, a clear demonstration of the lack of interest in a future union companies. In 1999 Megastar closed its doors after the sale of their vehicles suspended for lack of representatives; claiming bankruptcy.

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