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The Eagle Vision was a full-size, front-wheel drive sports sedan, produced from 1993-1997. It was sold by the Eagle division of the Chrysler Corporation, replacing the AMC/Renault-designed Eagle Premier (from which the Vision was derived). The Eagle Vision was a corporate mate to the popular Dodge Intrepid and Chrysler Concorde. The Vision was aimed more at the enthusiast crowd than the other 2 of the trio, but they were all basically the same underneath and shared the same drivetrains. Despite alot going for it, the Vision, unlike the Intrepid and Concorde, unfortunately would only last but one generation and would be dropped after 1997.


The Eagle Vision, like the other LH cars, embraced Chrysler's new "cab-forward" philosophy, which consisted of shorter front and rear overhangs, wheels pushed to the edges of the car, larger windshield - all in the name of improved handling and passenger space. Base models were called ESi, while upper-level models were known as the TSi, which had a touring suspension, 16" tires and unique lower boddy-cladding. Front bucket seats with a floor shifter and a console were standard on both models, as was dual airbags. ESi models had the 153 hp 3.3L (201 cid) V6, while the TSi had the larger 214 hp 3.5L (214 cid) V6. A 4-speed automatic was the standard and only transmission.

In 1994, a new power steering system was incorporated, and the transmission was modified to provide smoother shifts. The ESi now had the TSi's lower body-cladding as standard. The ESi's 3.3L V6 gained 8 hp to 161 (the 3.5 remained at 214). There were no real changes for 1995 models other than the usual color shuffling. Chrysler's new "autostick" transmission debuted on the TSi for 1996, which enabled the driver to manually shift gears by bumping the lever to the left or the right. For 1997, the 3.5L V6 became an option on the lesser ESi models, but that would be about the only noteworthy change for the 1997 Vision. Chrysler was phasing out the Eagle brand, so the Vision would not continue for a second generation like its other LH corporate mates. The Eagle brand itself would be grounded permanently after 1998, the Talon being its last available model.

According to Chrysler insiders, what would have been the second generation Vision ultimately became the Chrysler 300M, which was introduced in early 1998 as a 1999 model.