For more information about the 1966-1978 Charger, see the Dodge Charger (B-body) entry.
For more information about the 1983-1987 Charger, see the Dodge Charger (L-body) entry.
Dodge Charger
aka Type aka here, not up there
Production 1966-1978
Class Full Size Muscle Car
Body Style 4-Door Sedan
Length 200.1 in
Width 74.5 in
Height 58.2 in
Wheelbase 120 in
Weight 3800-4200 lb
Transmission 4-Speed Automatic, RWD
5-Speed Automatic, RWD/AWD
Engine 3.6 litre Pentastar V6
5.7 litre HEMI V8
Power 283 hp (209 kW) @ 6400 rpm
260 lb-ft (353 Nm) of torque @ 4800 rpm

N/A hp @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm
Similar similar (competition)
Designer Designer (lead designer if it was a team effort)

There have been a number of vehicles bearing the Charger nameplate, but the name has generally denoted a performance model in the Dodge range. The current Chargers are rear wheel drive sedans.

See Autopedia's comprehensive Dodge Charger Review.

Recent Changes

  • A few days after the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Dodge unveiled the seventh-generation MY2011 Charger. Borrowing design elements from the 1999 Dodge Charger Concept, the new car features a swooping character line reminiscent of the B-Body Charger. While the front end is similar to the outgoing model, the details bare out changes like the restyled "split crosshair" grille and dual scallops carved out of the aluminum hood. At the back, the rear fascia is dominated by a full-width tail lamp that incorporates 164 LEDs and inspired by the late 60's Charger. Under the hood, the car derives motivation from Chrysler's new 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 for the SE and Rallye models (with power sent to the back) or a 5.7 litre HEMI V8 for the R/T. The R/T is available in RWD or, optionally, AWD that allows the driver to disconnect the front axle to improve fuel economy by up to 5 percent or for some RWD shenanigans. [1][2]
  • By way of teasing the next generation Charger, out in 2011, Dodge has revealed a teaser image of the next generation of the Charger's Pursuit police variant. The new police muscle car will be offered between a choice of Chrysler's 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 or the 5.7 litre Hemi V8 and filled with non civilian-spec goodies like heavy-duty anti-lock brakes, front and rear stabilizer bars, a two-mode police-specific stability control system and 18-inch performance tires on steel wheels. [3]

Styles and Major Options

The Charger is available in five trims: the SE, SXT, R/T, Daytona R/T, and SRT8. SE and SXT models have a 4-speed automatic transmission while the R/T, Daytona R/T and SRT8 models sport a 5-speed automatic transmission. Four different engines are offered, dependent upon trim, and many options are different from level to level. Some of the standout standard features are listed below:

Charger SE
  • 2.7L 178 hp V6 Engine
  • 3.5L 250hp V6 Engine (optional)
  • Am/Fm/CD with Auxiliary Input Jack
  • Power Windows, Mirrors, Locks, and Trunklid Release
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cargo Compartment Dressup
Charger SXT
  • 3.5L 250hp V6 Engine
  • Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel and Shift Knob
  • 17" Aluminum Machined Wheels
  • Boston Acoustic 6-Speaker System
  • Fog Lamps
Charger R/T

A 2006 Dodge Charger at the Canadian International Autoshow

  • 5.7L 368hp V8 HEMI Engine
  • 18" Aluminum Wheels
  • SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  • Leather Trimmed Bucket Seats, Steering Wheel, and Shift Knob
  • 8-Way Power Driver's Seat
Charger Daytona R/T
  • 5.7L 368hp V8 HEMI Engine
  • 18" Aluminum Wheels with Black Accents
  • Performance Seats w/ Preferred Suede Stitching
  • Heated Front Seats
  • A/C with Dual Zone Auto Temp Control
  • Front Fascia and Trunklid Spoilers
  • Performance Suspension and Exhaust/Steering/Shift Program
Charger SRT8
  • 6.1L 425hp V8 HEMI Engine
  • 20" Aluminum SRT Design Wheels
  • Leather Trimmed Seats w/Preferred Suede
  • Body Color Mirrors, Fascias, and Rear Spoiler
  • High Performance Suspension and Steering
  • Mini Trip Computer and Vehichle Info Center

Race Edition

  • Used for NASCAR Racing
  • Improved performence
  • No doors
  • Attachable steering wheel
  • Multiple safty improvements


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SE SE Rallye SE Rallye Plus R/T R/T Plus R/T Road and Track R/T Max
$25,170 (RWD only) $27,420 (RWD only) $29,170 (RWD only) $30,170 / $32,320 $32,170 / $34,320 $33,170 / $35,320 $35,170 / $37,320
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4 $Price5 $Price6 $Price7

Gas Mileage

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
c/h c/h c/h c/h

Engine and Transmission

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  • RECALL ALERT: On Nov 7, 2008 Dodge issued a recall alert affecting 20,283 MY 2006-2009 Chargers and Magnums (including 150 sold to Kuwait) Interceptors due to the column shifters the column shifter which "may become disengaged from the steering column mounting bracket and cause an incorrect transmission gearshift position display." This may cause unintended acceleration if the car is situated in the wrong gear.[4][5]




A complete list of colors for the Charger can be found on
Some of the available colors are:


  • Bright Silver Metallic Clearcoat
  • Go Mango!
  • Magnesium Pearlcoat
  • Midnight Blue Pearlcoat
  • Top Banana
  • Torred
  • PlumCrazy
  • Intercepter
  • NASCAR Series


  • Dark Slate Gray/Light Graystone
  • Dark/Light Slate Gray

Main Competitors

Hybrid Models

There are no hybrid models of the Charger.

Unique Attributes

  • It's a four door muscle car


The 2012 Dodge Charger features a Braking System and a Gas System. There is also a steering wheel and a Dashboard.

Resale Values

While more precise figures are not yet available, Kelley Blue Book expects the Charger "to hold its value better than most domestic sedans, especially in the near term."

<MODEL> Year
Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


  • "From the side, the demi-fastback roofline and glasshouse look more grafted onto the somewhat fulsome body than a natural extension of the overall styling theme, very much as if the designer were trying to make a sedan look like a coupe. Oh, well." - New Car Test Drive
  • "[Regarding the brakes] it's hard to judge how firmly to push to get the desired result. Result: inelegant, imprecise stopping." - USA Today
  • "If 340 Hemi horsepower and the resurrection of the Charger name have you hoping for overall performance on par with modern muscle coupes like the Ford Mustang GT or Pontiac GTO, you'll be disappointed." - Kelley Blue Book
  • "A-pillars [the posts between the windshield and front side windows] designed to meet roll-over standards are thick, which makes checking for pedestrians and crossing traffic ... more difficult." - New Car Test Drive

Current Generation: (2011–present)


The current Dodge Charger, has very few improvments from the sixth generation. Some improvments include more safty features and an upgraded version of the sixth generation body. For 2015 the charger was redesigned for both front and rear.

Sixth generation (2006-2010)

In February 2005, Dodge introduced a new full-sized rear wheel drive Charger on the Chrysler LX platform also used by the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum (the interior of the Charger is almost identical to that of the Magnum). Also, it replaced the Dodge Intrepid. This Charger is a four-door sedan, disappointing some fans of the previous two-door Chargers. It is built in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

Some fans of the classic Charger were disappointed by the redesigned Charger's four door setup, having expected a rival to compete with the redesigned Ford Mustang. The 1999 Charger concept borrowed a number of classic muscle car design cues, but the final version delivered to the public appeared vastly different from the concept version.

Part of the disppointment stems from the fact that the redesigned Charger was never intended as competition to the Ford Mustang, but rather as a replacement for the outgoing Dodge Intrepid sedan which had been waning in popularity for several years.

Despite criticism, however, intial Charger sales were strong, topping 30,000 units by November of 2005.

The large Chryslers also have an AMC heritage. The previous LH cars were based upon the Eagle Premier and Dodge Monaco, and the current cars are in the same factory that was acquired from AMC. The history of the Dodge Charger and Dodge Charger Daytona are legend, but previous mid and large AMCs before the Premier included the Hudson Hornet featured in the movie Cars and the Penske factory backed AMC Matadors of the 1970s which battled it out with Dodges and Plymouths. The AMC heritage line goes back to the 1930s Nash Ambassador, a contemporary of the Chrysler Airflow.

Changes for 2009 include a horsepower boost for the 5.7L Hemi to 368, while horsepower for the base 2.7L V6 dropped from 190 to 178. Other engines remain the same. Taillights were revised slightly with the 2 round brake lights (reminiscent of the 1968 Charger) in each lens more pronounced than before, and revised rear nameplates.

Daytona R/T

The 2006 Charger Daytona R/T debuted at the Chicago Auto Show. It features a High Output 350 hp (261 kW) version of the 5.7 L Hemi as well as an updated suspension and tires. Visual additions include a special front fascia with a chin spoiler. In a retro touch, the Daytona R/T features black "Hemi" decals on the hood and rear fender and is only available in two retro colors: "Go ManGo!" metallic orange (from the 1970 Charger) and Top Banana yellow (also a 1970-vintage color). It is priced at $32,495 and 8,000 will be produced for one year only. "TorRed" was announced as a new color in January 2006.


Main article: Dodge Charger SRT8

An SRT-8 version of the Charger debuted at the 2005 New York International Auto Show. Powered by a 425 hp (317 kW) version of the 6.1 L Hemi, it also features upgraded Brembo brakes, and interior and exterior updates. The engine produces 420 ft·lbf (569 N·m) of torque. This power rating makes the 2006 SRT-8 as powerful as the largest of the legendary Hemi engines of the muscle car era.

Super Bee

A new Super Bee version of the Charger debuted at the 2006 New York International Auto Show for the 2007 model year. It shares the SRT-8's 425 hp (317 kW) 6.1 L Hemi engine but comes in special "Detonator Yellow" paint with black decals. For 2008, Detonator Yellow was discontinued and replaced with Surf Blue.


1999 Dodge Charger R/T concept - Rear

In 1999, Dodge came all out with a new Charger R/T concept car. It took many styling cues from the 1960s Chargers (most notably the second generation) but also had four doors. The designers attempted to blend the rear doors into the design so they would not be noticed very easily. Compressed natural gas was purported as being in the lineup for a possible fuel source.

The concept Charger R/T, while sharing the long nose and rearward cab of the original, was a good deal shorter. It was 187 in in overall length compared to 203 in for the 1966 Charger. It was also lighter; 3,000 lb versus 3,650 lb.

While making an important statement for CNG technology, the Charger R/T was equally appealing to the design community. It had functional side scoops, as does the Dodge Viper, and the chrome plated, central mounted exhaust was somewhat reminiscent of the Viper. It even has functional air exhausters sculpted into its rear fascia.

The Charger R/T was equally important for what it said about CNG technology. The concept car showcased a new storage tank system that one day might deliver 300 miles range in a CNG-powered passenger car and not compromise storage space in the trunk.

The cylinders, or pressure cells, inside the fiberglass storage tank were lined with a gas-impermeable high density polyurethane (HDPE) thermoplastic and wrapped in a hybrid mix of high-strength carbon and super-tough glass filaments that were wound with an epoxy resin. Finally, the cylinders were laid into a foam eggcrate to absorb impacts. It was strong for its weight, resistant to environmental damage, reliable and durable. The tank can be made flat, in the shape of a conventional gasoline tank, yet the fuel can still be stored at 3,600 lb³ of pressure.


Pursuit Edition


In early 2006, DaimlerChrysler relased a new police version of the Dodge Charger. It made its debut at the 2005 New York International Auto Show.

Unlike the civilian version, the police version features upgraded heavy-duty brakes, a severe-duty cooling system, police-performance Electronic Stability Program, police performance-tuned steering, and a gear shifter that is mounted on the steering column instead of in the center console. In place of the center console, Dodge has equipped the police edition with a steel plate appropriate for mounting radio equipment and controllers for lights and sirens. As of June 2006, they have been adopted by the Washington State Patrol as unmarked patrol cars.

The base police package uses the 3.5 L V6 engine and bright center hubcaps. The 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine and full bolt-on wheel covers are optional.

Charger In Popular Culture

2 Dodge Chargers were used in the making of the latest Castrol Edge advertisement. One car used an anominous branded oil whereas the other car uses the Castrol Edge oil. [6]


  • Strategic Vision's 2006 Total Quality Award™ for Best Large Car Ownership Experience
  • Ward's Auto Interiors Show "Interior of the Year" Best Seat System Award
  • Consumer Guide Best Buy
  • Kiplinger's 2006 "Best New Car"
  • Kiplinger's 2006 "First In Safety"
  • Automotive Design and Production Magazine's First Ever Exterior Design Award
  • Parents/AAA Car Guide's Best Cars for Families 2006
  • Spike TV's "Muscle Car of the Year"
  • - a 2006 "Editor's Most Wanted" vehicle
  • Smart Choice Best in Class Winner - Highest Retained Value (excludes SRT8)

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