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Citroën C2
aka Type aka here, not up there
Production 2003-2009 in Aulnay-sous-Bois, France
Class Subcompact
Body Style 3 dr Hatchback
Length 366.5 cm
Width 166.4 cm
Height 149.4 cm
Wheelbase 231.4 cm
Weight 1,050 kg
Transmission 5 speed Manual
5 speed SensoDrive, FWD
Engine Petrol

1.1 TU1 I4
1.4 TU3 I4
1.4 ET3 I4
1.6 TU5 I4
1.4 DV4 I4 (1.4 HDi)

Power 1.1 I4 TU1- 59 hp/44 kW @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm

1.4 I4 TU3 - 73 hp/55 kW
1.4 I4 ET3 - 88 hp/66 kW
1.4 I4 HDi DV4 - 67 hp/50 kW, 111 lb.ft (150 N.m)
TU5 VTR I4 - 108 hp/80 kW
1.6 TU5 VTS I4 -123 hp/91 kW
1.6 DV6 HDi I4 - 109 hp/80 kW

Similar Fiat Nuova 500
Mini Cooper
Citroen C3
Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 206
Designer Donato Coco

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Recent Changes

  • For MY 2009, the C2 recieves a signifcant front and rear facelift. Underhood, refreshed model will now also be available with the HDi 110 FAP engine, making it one of the most economical vehicles on the road today. Figures rate that it only requires 4.4 l/100 km (or 53 mpg) while emitting 119 g/km of CO2. It will also debut Citroen's Stop&Start technology in the C2 range.[1]It was then replaced by the DS3.

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Design quirks and oddities

In 2004, the Citroën C2 has been named Most Beautiful Car in the World under City Car.

The Citroën C2 is the most customizable car in the UK.


  • 2007 National Motor Vehuicle Theft Reduction Council Secure By Design award

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