Chrysler LeBaron Coupe
Production 1987-1995
Assembly St. Louis, Missouri, United States (1987-1991)
Newark, Delaware, United States (1992-1995)
Platform K-Frame
Class Compact
Body Style 2-Door Coupe
2-Door Convertible
Length 184.8in (4,694mm)
Width 68.5in (1,740mm) (1987-1991)
69.2in (1,758mm) (1992-1995)
Height 50.9in (1,293mm) (1987-1991)
51.2in (1,300mm) (1992-1995)
Wheelbase 100.3in (2,548mm) (1987-1991 Coupe)
100.4in (2,550mm) (1987-1991 Convertible)
100.5in (2,553mm) (1992-1995 Coupe)
100.6in (2,555mm) (1992-1995 Convertible)
Weight 2,863 lbs (Coupe)
3,010 lbs (Convertible)
Transmissions A520 5-Speed Manual FWD
A555 5-Speed Manual FWD (Getrag)
A568 5-Speed Manual FWD (Getrag)
A543 5-Speed Manual FWD
A413 3-Speed Automatic FWD
A604 4-Speed Automatic FWD
Engines 2.2L (135 cid) I4 Turbo 1 (1987-1988)
2.2L (135 cid) I4 Turbo 2 (1989)
2.2L (135 cid) I4 Turbo 4 (1990)
2.5L (153 cid) I4 TBI (1987-1993)
2.5L (153 cid) I4 Turbo 1 (1989-1993)
3.0L (181 cid) V6 (1990-1995)
Power 100 - 174 hp
135 - 225 ft/lbs
Similar Dodge Daytona

History[edit | edit source]

In 1987, Chrysler released an all-new coupé and convertible model to replace dated design of the second generation K-body LeBaron coupé and convertible. The result was the aerodynamic, and more modern, J-body LeBaron Coupé. This was the third generation of the coupé and convertible which was introduced in 1977. The new J-body LeBaron would not be offered as an equivalent from Dodge or Plymouth but the Dodge Daytona is in reality the Dodge equivalent of the LeBaron Coupé. The LeBaron got it's start in 1984 when Chrysler started a joint effort with Maserati to design a car. That car was the Maserati TC but it ended up branching off into two designs. Both cars were released at around the same time and look somewhat similar. However, the body panels on both cars were unique to each other. While various car magazine testers were impressed with its styling, Car and Driver dismissed it as yet another thinly-disguised K-car knockoff, even going so far as to have its main road test picture with the car parked in front of a Burger King restaurant. Their main point was, just like a whopper sandwich, no matter how much you dressed it up on top, it was still the same old hamburger meat underneath. The LeBaron Coupe would be produced until it was succeeded by the Sebring in 1995.

1987-1995[edit | edit source]

Be that as it may, the LeBaron Coupe shared no body panels with any other Chrysler model, and sported hidden quad headlamps to further set off its sleek styling. Engine choices were strictly K-car fare: standard 93 hp 2.2L (135 cid) I4, with the 146 hp Turbo 2.2 and 100 hp 2.5L (153 cid) I4 as options. Transmissions were a 5-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic. Coupes and convertibles were available in either Highline or Premium trim. Highlines had a basic analog dash with full instrumentation while the Premiums had a digital unit.

A 1987 LeBaron Coupe Turbo would be the Indianapolis 500 Pace Car that year, and racing legend Carroll Shelby himself would pace the start of the race. Supposedly Chrysler would offer only 4 Pace Car models to the general public, 2 of which are on display in museums, the other 2 being in the hands of private collectors.

1988 models continued with little change, but in 1989, sporty GT and GTC packages became available. A driver's side airbag also debuted that year. 1990 saw the addition of a Mitsubishi-built 3.0L (181 cid) V6 added to the options list, as well as a 4-speed automatic. Dashboards were all-new, which eliminated the digital dash option. In 1991, the base and Turbo 2.2 engines were dropped. The Turbo 2.2 was replaced by a 150 hp Turbo 2.5 version. GT models were dropped, GTC models received the 3.0L V6, and 4-wheel disc brakes became optional.

1992 LeBaron Coupes got anti-lock brakes as standard, which included 4-wheel disc brakes. 1993 models got a new facelift which eliminated the hidden quad headlamps and replaced them with flush-mounted units. Taillights were now tri-colored. The Turbo 2.5 was dropped after this year, the only engines available were now the 2.5 I4 and the 3.0L V6. The coupe models would not return in 1994, the only bodystyle available now was the convertible and only in GTC trim with the 3.0L V6. Dual airbags were now standard. There would be no changes to the 1995 model, which was the LeBaron's last. It would be succeeded by the all-new Chrysler Sebring.

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