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The Chrysler Airflite was a concept car created by the American car manufacturer Chrysler. It was first introduced at the 2003 Geneva Auto Show. The Airflite's looks are a combination of a sporty design, stylish looks, and some of the design cues from another one of Chrysler's cars, the Crossfire.

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Unique Attributes[]

Sporty design, stylish looks and design cues from the Chrysler Crossfire


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Design quirks and oddities[]

The Airflite was based on a shortened version of Chrysler's LX platform, which was used on the Chrysler 300. The Airflite is powered by a 90° V6 engine. The rest of the Airflite's engine power and torque is still unknown to the public.

The major styling approach of the Airflite that typically seen on a sporty two-door coupémodel; however, it has the practicality and function of a four-door sedan.

The Airflite blends the design of the Chrysler Crossfire and Pacifica in its exterior design. Most of the looks of the Airflite (mainly the front and rear) were based on the Crossfire. The seven-spoke road wheel design is based on the Crossfire, as is the satin trimmed windshield.

The interior of the Airflite is very spacious and upscale. A dominant center spine connects the interior from the dashboard all the way to the back. The floor is stepped up behind the rear seats to create a raised cargo area.

Major styling cues from the Airflite eventually made it into the 2007 Chrysler Sebring sedan.


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