Chevy silverado hd 5 small
Chevrolet Silverado
aka GMC Sierra
2500 Heavy Duty
3500 Heavy Duty
Production 1960-Present
Class Full-Size Truck
Body Style 2- or 4- door pickup
Length 205.6-248.8 in
Width 79.9 in
Height 73.5-73.9 in
Wheelbase 119-157.5 in
Weight Weight - you get the point
Transmission 6-speed 6L90 Hydra-Matic Auto
6-speed Allison 1000 Auto
Engine 6.0 litre Vortec VVT V8
6.6 litre Duramax Diesel V8
Power N/A hp @ N/A rpm
N/A lb-ft of torque @ N/A rpm
Similar Ford F-Series
Dodge Ram
Nissan Titan
Toyota Tundra
Designer Clay Dean

The Chevrolet Silverado from Chevrolet and its GMC counterpart, the GMC Sierra, are the latest line of full-size pickup trucks from General Motors. The name "Silverado" has been in use since 1975 as the leading trim level for Chevy C/K trucks, becoming its own model in 1999.

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Recent Changes[]

  • For 2011, the Silverado receives a mid-cycle facelift and mechanical refresh. The truck now features a completely new fully box-framed chassis that increases bending stiffness by 92% and beaming stiffness by 20%. The front subframe itself is 125% stiffer. There's also a redesigned independent front suspension system that offers up to a 25-percent greater front axle weight rating – up to 6,000 pounds (2,721 kg) front gross axle weight rating (FGAWR), while at the back, there's new, larger asymmetrical leaf-spring design. The big news is under the hood where the Silverado offers two engine options: a 6.0 litre Vortec V8 VVT mated to GM's Hydra-Matic 6L90 6-speed slushbox and a re-engineered 6.6 litre Duramax Diesel V8 that pumps out best in class horsepower and torque at 397 and 765. Allison's 1000 6-speed Automatic has been strengthened to handle the higher torque capability of the improved diesel engine. The Duramax also has B20 capability and a huge catalyst system with urea injector (costing $3 for a refill), similar to Mercedes-Benz's AdBlue system, which nullifies the toxic fumes and particulates produced by diesel. The latter combination delivers more power while returning an 11% increase in fuel efficiency. The new powertrains equate to better towing performance; the 3500 now has a tow rating of 16000 lb while the Heavy Duty tows an astonishing 20000 lb. The new Silverado will go on sale in the States in summer 2010. [1]

Styles and Major Options[]

Chevy offers many configurations of the Silverado ranging from light duty pickups to commercial grade work trucks.

1500 (Half-Ton)[]

  • The light-duty trucks generally use the 1500 name, can tow up to 10,500 lb (4,717 kg) and can carry 2,013 lb (931 kg) in their beds. They are available in three cab lengths, 2-door short cab, 4-door extended cab, and front-hinged 4-door crew cab. Three cargo beds are available, including a 69.2 in (1,758 mm) short box, 78.7 in (1,999 mm) standard box, and a 97.6 in (2,479 mm) long box. The short box is only available with the extended or crew cab, and is the only option on the latter. The frame on 2007 Silverado's is reportedly 230% stiffer than the frame found on the last generation.
  • For 2007, the Vortec 4300 V6 is standard on regular and extended cab work truck models; but the Vortec 4800 V8 is a no cost option. The Vortec 5300 V8 is available on all models, and the Vortec 6000 V8 is available on extended and crew cab models.
  • Chevy's Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation system was added to V8 motors (5.3L and 6.0L only) in 2007.

Heavy Duty[]

The HD variant is a a strengthened version of the Silverado/Sierra light-duty, and is available in the 2500HD, and 3500 models.

  • The 2500HD features a 6.0 liter 355-hp at 5400 rpm and 373 ftˑlbs torque at 4400 rpm V8 and a heavy duty 6 speed automatic as standard equipment. It also offers an available Duramax V8 with 360-hp at 3000 rpm and 660 ftˑlbs of torque at 1600 rpm coupled to an Allison 6 speed automatic transmission.
  • The Silverado 3500 offers the same engine/transmission features that the 2500HD does, however it is usually equipped with "dually" dual rear wheels at the rear and has a much stronger chassis. The HD models are primarily used for towing and high-weight cargo.

Maximum towing capacity and payload for the 2500HD is 15,800 lbs and 3,892 lbs respectively, while the 3500 can tow 16,500 lbs and haul 5,307 lbs.


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2021 Silverado 1500 Trims
WT LT LTZ High Country
$28,900 $40,000 $49,400 $53,800
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
2021 Silverado 2500 Trims
WT LT LTZ High Country
$34,900 $39,000 $49,300 $62,400
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
2021 Silverado 3500 Trims
WT LT LTZ High Country
$36,100 $40,200 $52,300 $63,600
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
2021 Sierra 1500 Trims
Base SLE SLT Denali
$30,000 $41,300 $47,300 $55,600
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
2021 Sierra 2500 Trims
Base SLE SLT Denali
$36,100 $41,200 $51,200 $65,100
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4
2021 Sierra 3500 Trims
Base SLE SLT Denali
$37,300 $42,400 $54,200 $66,300
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4

Gas Mileage[]

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Trim1 Trim2 Trim3 Trim4
c/h c/h c/h c/h

Engine and Transmission[]


The 2011 Silverado's 6.6 liter Duramax Turbodiesel V8

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  • RECALL ALERT: On August 29, 2008, GM issued a GM-wide recall (no.08V441000) affecting 857,735 vehicles built between 2006-2008 and equipped with heated windshield washer fluid option including the 2007-2008 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. The system was liable to short out causing cessation of function, smoke, possible fire and malfunctioning of other electronic systems in the car. GM urges owners of affected vehicles to go to their nearest local dealer so the problem can be remedied.[2]
  • RECALL ALERT: On December 23, 2010, GM issued a recall affecting approximately 1,260 Cadillac Escalades, Chevrolet Avalanche and Silverado 1500s, and GMC Sierra 1500s from MY 2011 due to a faulty rear-axle cross pin, which could fracture and become displaced within the axle. GM said that if the pin shifts out of position, it could create an interference condition and cause the rear axle to lock, in which case, the driver may not be able to maintain directional control of the vehicle and a crash could occur without prior warning.[3]



NHTSA Frontal Crash Test

  • ABS Standard on all Silverado models.
  • DIC (Driver Information Center) Standard on all Silverado models.
  • Dual-Stage Frontal Air Bags Standard on all Silverado models.
  • Passenger Sensing System Standard on all Silverado models.
  • OnStar Standard on all Silverado models.
  • Head Curtain Air Bags Optional on Extended and Crew Cab models.


2011 Silverado

2007 Silverado


1999 Exterior (5th Gen.)[]

All Colors:

  • Dark Carmine Red Metallic
  • Dark Copper Metallic
  • Indigo Blue Metallic
  • Light Pewter Metallic
  • Meadow Green Metallic
  • Medium Charcoal Gray Metallic
  • (Onyx) Black
  • Summit White
  • (Medium) Sunset Gold Metallic
  • Victory Red

2000 Exterior[]

  • Doeskin Tan (Special)
  • Tangier Orange (Special)
  • Wheatland Yellow (Special)
  • Woodland Green (Special)

2001 Exterior[]

  • Forest Green Metallic/Dark Green Metallic
  • Sunset Orange Metallic
  • Dark Copper Metallic
  • Meadow Green Metallic
  • Medium Sunset Gold Metallic

2002 Exterior[]

  • Sunset Orange Metallic

2003 Exterior[]

  • Arrival Blue Metallic
  • Dark Gray Metallic
  • Indigo Blue Metallic
  • Medium Charcoal Gray Metallic

2004 Exterior[]

  • Sandstone Metallic
  • Silver Birch Metallic
  • Sport Red Metallic
  • Dark Carmine Red Metallic
  • Light Pewter Metallic

2005 Exterior[]

  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Arrival Blue Metallic

2006 Exterior[]

  • Blue Granite Metallic
  • Graystone Metallic
  • Dark Gray Metallic

2007 Exterior (6th Gen.)[]

All Colors:

  • Black
  • Desert Brown Metallic
  • Victory Red
  • Sport Red Metallic
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • Blue Granite Metallic
  • Summit White
  • Silver Birch Metallic(2007-2009)
  • Graystone Metallic
  • Sheer Silver Metallic(2010-)
  • Black Granite Metallic(2009-)
  • White Diamond(2009-)

2007 Interior

  • Vinyl
    • Dark Titanium
  • Cloth
    • Dark Titanium
  • Premium Cloth
    • Ebony
    • Light Cashmere
    • Light Titanium
  • Leather
    • Ebony
    • Light Cashmere
    • Light Titanium

Main Competitors (1999)[]

Hybrid Models[]

A Silverado Two-Mode Hybrid was introduced for the 2009 model year.

Unique Attributes[]

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Resale Values[]

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Year X Year X-2 Year X-3 Year X-4
Resale Value
$ $ $ $


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Current Generation: (2007-Present)[]

Fifth generation: (1999-2006, 2007 Classic)[]

The 1/2 ton GMT800 Silverado was introduced in 1999 with regular and 3-door extended cab models available; and a choice of 4.3L V6, 4.8L V8, or 5.3L V8 motors, each paired with a choice of a 4 speed automatic or 5 speed manual (4.3 and 4.8) transmission. This was the first Chevrolet truck line to be entirely dubbed "Silverado," as the generations before it used the name as an upscale trim level. Therefore, technically speaking, this is the first generation of the Chevrolet Silverado. 1500HD, 2500HD and 3500 models were introduced in 2001, with a choice of 6.0 V8, 8.1 V8, or 6.6 Duramax diesel V8 engines, and 4 speed automatic, Allison 5 speed automatic, (8.1 and 6.6) or 6 speed manual, and three cab configurations; regular, extended, and crew. The entire Silverado lineup recieved a slight restyling in 2003, with the introduction of the Silverado SS featuring AWD, the 345hp Vortec high output 6000 V8, sport suspension and 20" wheels. A 1/2 ton crew cab model was added in 2004, RWD became standard for the SS in 2005, the 5 speed manual became unavailable with 4.8 V8 models in 2005 (not true became unavailable after the 2006 year, I have one of the last 16 made and one of the last 5 sold new in the 2006 year model Jesse in Arkansas), and a Vortec Max performance package featuring the Vortec 6000 V8 for extended and crew cabs was made available in 2006. Additionally, a power boost for the Duramax and another gear for the Allison were features added for 2006. The GMT800 trucks were also sold as 2007 year models as the "Silverado Classic" to distinguish them from the redesigned 2007 models.

Fourth generation: (1988–1998, 1999 Classic)[]

The GMT400 model(Known as C/K series)introduced in April 1987 as 1988 models (known as the GMT400. Available in 4 weight ratings. 1500-series [1/2 ton], 2500-series [regular duty/7,200 GVR AND heavy duty/8,600 GVR]; and 3500-series [1-ton models available with or without dual wheels]. Initially only 2 cab configurations were available, standard and "Club Coupe" extended cabs available in all three series. Regular cab 1500 series models were available with the only step-side bed on the market, the external sides of which were fiberglass. 1500 Series were also available with 6.5' or 8' Fleetside all-steel beds. Extended cabs were not available with stepside bodies until 1992. 2500 Series models [both weight ratings] were available initially only with the 8' box, but in 1990 6.5' beds were made available. For 1992, the dated 1973-style crew cab was abandoned in favor of an all new Crew Cab on the GMT400 body. Those were available only in heavy duty configurations with 6.5' or 8' bodies each of which had a dual wheel option. All models [excluding the 1990-1993 Silverado 454 SS] were available with Insta-Trac shift-on-the-fly semi-electronic 4-wheel-drive, which featured automatic locking hubs in all applications. 1998 models were available with a push-button fully electronic transfer case option.

All engines in the GMT400 series were fuel injected in some manner or another. Displacements available were the 4.3 Liter 262 cid V6 160hp, 5.0 Liter 305 cid V8 175hp, 5.7 Liter 350 cid V8 230hp, and a 7.4 Liter 454 cid V8 with 255 hp. Initial Diesels were 6.2 Liter 379 CID V8s, but were later replaced with 6.5 Liter TurboCharged Diesel V8s. In 1996 all engines were brought up to date with advanced technology, multi-ported fuel injection and features and became the Vortec 4300 [4.3 liter], Vortec 5000 [5.0 liter], etc. These motors were more fuel efficient and also more powerful than their throttle-bodied predecessors.

Transmissions available were 4-speed manuals [1988-1989], 5-speed overdrive manual, automatic overdrive 700R4 [1988-1992], automatic 3-speed THM-350 [1988-1992], automatic heavy-duty 3-speed THM-400 [1988-1992]. There were also the 4L60-E and 4L80-E models which replaced the 700R4 and Turbo 400 models respectively in 1993 models, 4 meaning 4-speed, L meaning longitudinal [rwd], and E meaning Electronic.

Also a third door on the right side was made available as an option in 1997 for Silverado and Sierra SLE/SLT extended cabs.

Might I add that there was a "Classic" name added to all half-ton models produced after 1998. Some 1999 model year 1/2s were T400 cabs. And also heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 series models were continued thru 2000 in regular production in the T400 bodystyle. 3500HD models were available in 2001 for the last time in the GMT400 cab.

Third generation: (1973-1987)[]

The refreshed 1973 version had a longer wheelbase — 117.5 in for short-bed and 131.5 in for long-bed. A crew cab was introduced on a super-long 164.5 in wheelbase. A real all wheel drive system was added as an option. Engines were a 100 hp (75 kW) 250 in³ (4.1 L) I6, a 350 in³ V8, and a 240 hp (179 kW) 454 in³ (7.4 L) V8. A four wheel drive one-ton truck was added in 1977, and a 350 in³ Oldsmobile LF9 Diesel V8 was added in 1978.

1975 introduced two important names as trim lines, Silverado for Chevrolet and Sierra for GMC. In order, the new trim lines for Chevrolet and GMC were:

  • Custom Deluxe/Sierra — base model
  • Scottsdale/Sierra Grande — cloth seats and chrome trim
  • Cheyenne/High Sierra — more sound deadening and chrome
  • Silverado/Sierra Classic — wood interior accents, carpeting, and more chrome

The revised 1981 model had a new 160 hp (119 kW) 305 in³ (5.0 L) V8, with the 250 and 292 in³ (4.1 and 4.8 L) I6, 350 in³ (5.7 L) V8, and 454 in³ (7.4 L) V8 also available. A 6.2 L Detroit Diesel V8 debuted in 1982, and the 262 (4.3L) V6 was introduced as the base engine in 1985. In 1987, Chevrolet mysteriously changed the "C" designation to "R" and the "K" to "V" (in response to the introduction of the GMT400 platform in April 1987), but these switched back the very next year for the GMT400 design. The R/V designation remained in use for the crewcab bodies and SUVs (Chevrolet K5 Blazer and Suburban) until 1991.

Second generation: (1967-1972)[]

A new, more modern look came in 1967. It was with this revision of the C/K truck that General Motors began to market trucks as general transportation rather than as work vehicles and nothing else. One 1968 magazine ad ran with the line "A Chevy pickup is built to be womanhandled." This was evident throughout its construction; the majority of half-ton 1967-1972 trucks were shipped with a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension, which greatly improved the ride over traditional leaf springs. However, leaf spring rear suspension was available on all trucks; four-wheel drive models had leaf springs on both axles.

In 1968, the 283 in³ (4.6 L) V8 was replaced with a 307 in³ (5.0 L) and a 310 hp 396 in³ (6.5 L) V8 was offered for the first time. Side-marker reflectors were added and the small rear window cab was no longer available. The GMC grille was revised, with the letters "GMC" no longer embossed in the horizontal crossbar.

1969 saw a new V8 engine: a 255 hp 350 in³ (5.7 L). Along with the new engine came a new grille design for Chevrolet trucks and a more upright hood for both Chevrolet and GMC trucks. A utility variant known as the K5 Blazer was also introduced with a shorter wheelbase of 104 inches. The GMC version, known as the Jimmy, was introduced the same year.

The only noticeable change for 1970 was a minor update to the Chevrolet grille.

Several changes occurred in 1971. First came another new grille design for Chevrolet trucks and black paint over portions of the GMC grille. Second, an additional trim package was introduced, the Cheyenne. On GMC models, this was referred to as the Sierra. These packages consisted mostly of comfort features — nicer interiors, AM/FM radios, and two-tone paint with side molding options. Finally, the front brakes on all trucks were switched from drum brakes to disc brakes, resulting in much less brake fade under heavy use. While all prior C/K half-ton trucks had used a six-lug bolt pattern (6 x 5.5") for the wheels, two-wheel-drive models switched to a five-lug pattern (5 lugs — 5 inch bolt circle) common to Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Cadillac passenger cars. The 1/2 ton 4 x 4 retained the 6 lug bolt pattern. This bolt pattern would remain the standard through the end of the C/K series (along with the Chevrolet/GMC vans).

1972 models were virtually identical to 1971 models with the only change being that the rear view mirror was glued to the windshield instead of being bolted to top of the cab.

First Generation/Origins: (1960-1966)[]

1960-'66 C/K trucks were available in smooth "Fleetside" or fendered "Stepside" versions. GMC called these "Wideside" and "Fenderside." Half-ton models were the C10 and K10 short-bed trucks, and C15 and K15 long-bed trucks. The 3/4 ton C20 and K20, as well as the one-ton C30, were also available. GMC did not use the "C" nomenclature, though their 4x4 versions had the "K" designation. Trim lines were base and "Custom." Engines included 135 hp (101 kW) 236 in³ (3.9 L) and 150 hp (112 kW) 261 in³ (4.3 L) straight-6s, and a 283 in³ (4.6 L) V8 with 160 hp (119 kW). GMC trucks were also offered with the 305 in&sup3 (5.0 L) V6 engine, which ranged in power from 125 hp (93 kW) to 142 hp (106 kW).

A coil-spring front suspension came in 1963 along with a new base engine, a 140 hp (104 kW) 230 in³ (3.8 L) I6, and an optional 165 hp (123 kW) 292 in³ (4.8 L) I6. The cab was changed for 1964, with elimination of the "wraparound" windshield and a new front grill design, along with various interior changes. Air conditioning and a 220 hp (164 kW) 327 in³ (5.4 L) V8 came in 1965. A new base engine finished the model in 1966 with a 155 hp (116 kW) 250 in³ (4.1 L) I6.


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Design quirks and oddities[]

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  • The Silverado was Car and Driver magazine's 10 Best list as the Best Pickup Truck for 2001 through 2003.
  • The Silverado 1500 was Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the Year for 1999 and 2007. The Heavy Duty version won that award for 2001.
  • The Silverado won The North American Truck of the Year award for 2007.

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