Chamonix Indústria e Comércio is a Brazilian automobile manufacturer which has produced replicas of 1960s Porsche sports cars based on Volkswagen parts since 1987. With the permission of the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.


The factory is located in Jarinu, São Paulo and Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. Chamonix accepts orders for the four brand products (replicas):

  • Porsche 550 Spyder with 1.6-liter boxer air cooled
  • Porsche 550S Spyder with 1.8 engine flex water-cooled 106/108cv
  • Porsche Super 90 Cabriolet

Originally from the 1980s, Envemo produced excellent replicas of the Model Super 90 Coupe. In 1987, Chamonix starts making replicas of Porsches 356, flatbed original with the participation of Mr. Milton Masteguin, who was a founding partner of the defunct Puma Car, and Mr. Chuck Beck, aircraft technician, car designer race and currently representative of the brand in the United States. Newton, son of Mr. Milton, worked at Puma factory, is now a partner and director of Chamonix responsible for manufacturing handmade replicas of Porsche.Manufacturing is only custom, a model can take 120 days to complete. Replicas use in your body fiberglass with the innovations brought the aircraft industry, project Chuck Beck. In addition to meeting the national audience, the brand exports to Middle East, Europe, Japan and the United States. The success is due to the high quality and low price of replica brand in the international market. The Spyder model 550s have rear suspension type bridge Dion (as in cars from Auto Union Grand Prix designed by Dr. Porsche during the decade of 1930), far superior to the archaic system of semi-swing axle used in late model Beetle and 550 Spyder. Already the front suspension is comprised of both torsion bars and steering system is the type auger, identical to the standard VW. The use of more efficient suspension geometries, for example, quads with deforming center rolling down stiffer chassis and steering system rack and pinion greatly improve the handling of the models.

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