Template:List of Chaigneau-Brasier Models Chaigneau-Brasier was the name given to French Brasier cars marketed after 1926 when the company was bought by the Chaigneau family who had been bicycle makers.


The first car made by the new company was the TD-4 a 9 CV 4 cylinder model available as a tourer or saloon. In 1928 a much larger and more innovative front wheel drive car with in line, 3490 cc eight cylinder engines was announced just in time for the 1929 economic crash and few were made.

Chaigneau himself won a 1.125 km (0.7 mi) hill climb race at Fontainebleau, near Paris. A partnership with Delahaye was unsuccessful. Production ceased in 1930 and finally, Delahaye took over in 1933.

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