Caparo T1
aka Freestream T1 (formerly)
Production 2006-present
Class Supercar
Body Style
Length 4,066 mm (160.1 in)
Width 1,990 mm (78 in)
Height 1,076 mm (42.4 in)
Wheelbase 2,900 mm (110 in)
Weight 1100 lbs
Transmission 6-speed manual
Engine 2.4 litre V8
Power 575 horsepower/310 pound-feet
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Designer Ben Scott-Geddes

The Caparo T1 is an ultralightweight 2 seater sports car designed by former members of the McLaren group and intended to reach production in late 2006. Formerly known as the Freestream T1, the design was envisioned as a road-legal car with performance approaching that of a Formula 1 race car.

Target specifications include a dry weight of 500 kg with a power output of around 373 kW (500 BHP), giving the vehicle a 1000 BHP per tonne ratio. Expected performance figures are 0-60 MPH in around 2.5 seconds, over 200 MPH top speed, and capable of cornering at more than 3.0 G, the two latter figures are however greatly affected by the configuration of the adjustable aerodynamics setup of the car. The expected overall performance is close to that of a GP2 Series race car.

  • The chassis is a 2 seater carbon/aluminium honeycomb monocoque with separate front composite crash structure.
  • The suspension consists of streamline double wishbone front and rear, tuneable front and rear anti-roll bar and five-way adjustable race dampers.
  • The brakes are 355 dia steel race fully floating discs in both the front and rear
  • The front are 6 pot billet machined race callipers with 4 pot billet machined race callipers in the rear.
  • The brake bias is fully adjustable
  • Pad compound options are available.

The engine is a dry sump aluminum V8 that produces 480bhp at 10,500RPMs. The dry sump tank holds 8 litres, while the fuel tank holds 70 litres.

The steering is a magnesium cased light weight high ratio steering rack with bespoke removable steering wheel.

Safety features include steel roll loop, composite front crash structure, head protection systems, six-point harness compatibility.

The ECU is fully tuneable, with Bespoke wiring aerospace grade loom. The dash is a multi-function race dash with data logging. The car is also equipped with speed sensors for traction and launch control.The throttle is fly-by-wire for optimum tuning.

Gordon Murray, lead designer of the McLaren F1, has been appointed director of advanced concepts at Caparo Vehicle Products[1].

Video and explanation of the Caparo T1

Recent Changes[]

  • On March 19, 2009, Caparo announced the range-topping T1 Race Extreme. The flagship T1 receives an output increase from 575 to 620 horsepower (at 10,500 rpm) - interpretation, 0-60mph in a Bugatti Veyron matching 2.8 seconds and a top speed of a not-so Veyron like 208 mph. Other goodies include a fully customizable ECU, a fully adjustable suspension and aerodynamic package, along with aluminum calipers equipped with six titanium pistons in front and four in the rear, each squeezing 355mm ceramic discs, a plexiglass canopy for £21,760 ($31,695) and an air conditioning system for £3,750 ($5,462). [2]


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