Buick Y-Job
Year 1938
Production One-off Concept car
Class Fullsize Convertible
Body Style 2-Door Converitble
Length 208.4 inches (5,293mm)
Width 74.4 inches (1,890mm)
Height 58.1 inches (1,476mm)
Wheelbase 125.7 inches (3,193mm)
Engine 5.2 liter (5245cc) I-8
Power 141 hp (105.1 kW)
Designers Harley Earl

The Buick Y-Job is considered by many to be the first concept car and was built by Buick under the direction of Harley Earl in 1938. Unlike later concept cars, the Y-Job was fully operational and Earl frequently drove it around Detroit. After the car had finished its duties on the auto show circuit and as Earl's driver, it was stored away in a warehouse and then placed in the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan. Many years later it was placed in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Finally, in 1993, it was brought back to the GM Design Center in Warren, Michigan and has remained there since.

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