You are welcome to edit and create articles on this wiki, but if you break one of the rules that are listed here, you will be banned. (Sometimes however, the length of the ban depends on how severe the person broke the rule.)

Here are the rules:

Do not vandalize

Do NOT vandalize, such as blanking out the pages, writing nonsense, and adding irrelevant information.

  • If you vandalize the first time, you will receive a warning.
  • 2nd time: 1 week
  • 3rd time: 1 year or over

Stay on the topic

This is a wiki all about cars, motorcycles, vans, buses, SUVs or anything that includes transportation. Please do NOT start creating articles about Narnia or Spider Man.

Also, please do not create articles about subways, airplanes, or ships. (despite the fact that they are all transportation objects, they are still NOT related to automobiles.)

  • If you start creating articles about anything but cars (transportation), you will receive a warning. If you do it again after your warning, you'll be banned a week.
  • 3rd time: 1 month or more

No foul language

Do NOT use foul language on the articles or you'll get a warning. Also, swearing and profanity is not allowed on user talk pages.

  • 2nd time: 2 weeks
  • 3rd time: Infinite

No harassment, insults, or racism

The header speaks for itself. You get the picture.

  • 1st time: A warning
  • 2nd time: 2 weeks or more
  • 3rd time: Infinite

No trolling or flaming

Trolling and flaming is certainly NOT allowed on this wiki. Trolls will be blocked for indefinite without ANY WARNINGS.


You are welcome to upload images that are related to cars, etc. But if you're going to upload images that are irrelevant to this wiki, please post it on your userpage only. Pornography, violent pictures, racist pictures, or posting images unrelated to cars on this wiki's articles is NOT tolerated here. Users who break this rule will be warned.

  • If the user still continues, he/she will be blocked for indefinite.


Spam, like Trolling and Flaming, is NOT allowed here. This user will be blocked for indefinite if they advertise on their userpage, or post advertisements on any article.