Use the following MODEL REVIEW TEMPLATE as the foundation for the Autopedia's Model Review page:

Start off with a brief Introduction to the particular MODEL. Please DO NOT use the same Introduction text from the <MODEL> page, but rather paraphrase ideas relevant to an overall review of the vehicle.

Model Review Template is an automobile year in Script error: No such module "devmodule". in car manufacturer Your Car Manufacturer Here.

See also the main fact sheets for the <MAKE> <MODEL>.

Headline text[edit source]

High Points[edit source]

Please highlight a few points that accentuate the vehicle and make it stand out.

Low Points[edit source]

Please list a couple of points that make the vehicle subpar to its competitors.

Performance and Handling[edit source]

This is the section where significant statistics on the vehicle should be mentioned. Please include as much information as possible with regards to:

Gas Mileage[edit source]

This section should touch on the current MPG ratings for this vehicle and where it stands amongst other vehicles in its class.

Safety[edit source]

This section should reference points on safety ratings and features of the vehicle and how it compares to other vehicles in its class.

Reliability and Maintenance[edit source]

Warranty options and scheduled maintainence information should be mentioned here.

Interior and Comforts[edit source]

If there are certain features or components of the vehicle's Interior that are worth mentioning, do so here.

Exterior[edit source]

Same logic as the Interior applies for the Exterior.

Styles and Options[edit source]

Certain trim levels or styles have been more popular or recieved better reception in sales. Trim and option reviews should be mentioned here.

Main Competitors[edit source]

Create links to other <MAKE> <MODEL> pages in this section.

External Links[edit source]

Autopedia Contributor Favorites

  • List External Websites that were used in compiling this data should be mentioned here, including Manufacturer Sites.

Community Sites

  • Enthusiasts' Sites, Forums, and Community-based sites, specific to the <MAKE> <MODEL> should be mentioned in this area.
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