The name Aurora is a common terminology in the automotive idiom and has been used in several instances. They are:

  • Aurora Tri-Motor, a short-lived prewar English tricar manufacturer.
  • Aurora Motor Company, A short-lived car company founded by Catholic Priest Father Alfred A. Juliano and primarily funded by Fr. Juliano's parishioners. The company became mired in scandal in its later years culminating in Fr. Juliano's disgrace and expulsion from the Church.
  • Aurora Experimental Safety Car, an ill-fated though technically revolutionary (for the period) enterprise of one Father Alfred A. Juliano, who dreamed of building the world's safest car. Only one $30,000 (1957 currency) prototype was produced.
  • Oldsmobile Aurora, a luxury car produced by Oldsmobile between 1995 until the company's demise in the early 2000s.

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