Template:List of Artega Models Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG (otherwise known as Paragon AG) is a German sports car manufacturer based in Delbrück, Germany. Founded by Klaus Dieter Frers in 2006, the company's first product was a mid-engined sports coupé released in 2007. In early 2010, the company was sold to Tresalia Capital (which has held a stake in Artega since October 2008). Tresalia Capital is headed by Linda Alvarado, a Mexican beer baroness and considered the country's most powerful woman. Artega filed for bankruptcy in July 2012. It was reacquired by a company under Frers' control that same year and eventually resumed production, specializing in electric vehicles.


Artega was founded by Klaus Dieter Frers, a mechanical engineer who worked for AEG-Telefunken before moving to Nixdorf Computer to oversee their production facilities from 1983 to 1987. Frers established a company called paragon electronics GmbH in 1988, and another called paragon AG in 1999, into which paragon electronic GmbH was merged. paragon AG specialises in electronic modules, controls and display systems for the automotive industry. Frers is also one of the principals of Voltabox Deutschland GmbH, as well as a car collector and competitor in historic racing.

Frers founded Artega Automobil in 2006. The name of the company was suggested by Manfred Gotta, a German brand-development expert.The company previewed their first sports car, the Artega GT, at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show as an engineless prototype. A production-ready version appeared at the Geneva Auto Show one year later, labelled the Intro 2008 special edition. Production of the car started in 2009.

In interviews in 2008, chief adviser Karl-Heinz Kalbfell indicated that the next models anticipated were a soft-top version and a 4-cylinder car.

On 25 January 2010, Mexican investment firm Tresalia Capital assumed control of Artega. At a later date there was a change in management, with Frers leaving the company and Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Ziebart, former Head of Continental AG and Infineon AG, becoming CEO of Artega.

In March 2011, Artega unveiled an electric version of the GT called the Artega SE (for Sports Electric).

A Targa variant of the GT with a glass roof was shown at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2012. In July of the same year the company filed for bankruptcy protection, and what was expected to be the final GT built rolled off the production line in September.

On 1 October 2012, Paragon AG assumed control of Artega. This put Frers once again in charge of the car company. The decision was described as an acquisition of Artega's technology, staff and other assets, with no plan to restart automobile production.

At the 2015 International Motor Show in Frankfurt Artega showed two new products; the Scalo, a fully electric sports coupé, and the Karo, an ATV-like vehicle that was also electric.

In 2017, Artega brought the new Scalo Superelletra three-seat coupé to the Geneva Auto Show.[citation needed]

In December 2018, Artega announced the acquisition of the production rights for the Swiss electric car Microlino.

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