Template:List of Apal ModelsApal is a small scale automobile company originally from Belgium. It is now based in Germany.

Phase 1 -APAL - s.à.r.l. Application Polyester Armé de Liège (1961-1998)Edit

Glass-fibre specialist Edmond Pery founded this small automobile manufacturing company in Blégny-Trembleur (Liège), Belgium in 1961. Pery presented his first model, a GT coupe with gull-wing doors, propelled by Volkswagen or Porsche engines at the Brussels Autosalon (or Salon auto de Bruxelles) in 1962.

In 1965, Apal started producing a Formule V single-seater.

Between 1968 and 1973, about 5000 glass-fibre bodies were produced for different buggy models such as Apal Buggy, Apal Rancho, Apal Jet, Apal Avvi, Apal Corsa (with gull-wing doors) and Apal Horizon.

The most successful model was called the Apal Speedster and is a replica of the Porsche 356 model, built on a VW Beetle floorplan. Altogether 700 were completed between 1981 and 1994.

The last model, named the Apal Sport One, based on Pontiac Fiero, appeared in 1992.

Edmond Pery also designed an all-road prototype for DAF in 1974 and another prototype for Volkswagen in 1992. The small firm produced and sold all models in limited numbers.

Phase 2 - Apal Gmbh, Germany (1998- to date)Edit

The original Belgian company went down in 1998. Apal Gmbh, a German company of Ostercappeln, bought all the spare parts and restarted production of the Apal Speedster.

As of 2006 the company has stopped production of ready-built cars and now only sells kits and spare parts.

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